Accounting and taxation are one of the required fields across the globe. Every company seeks the guidance of an accountant to abide by tax laws and to avoid any tax-related issues in the future. A CATP professional is preferred in the industry. Thus, I chose the recognized academy Henry Harvin to get this certification. The academy is trustworthy and has its reputation across the globe.

Henry Harvin holds affiliations from GOI. The academy is known for its experienced trainers and globally spread quality education network. I joined the academy along with its one-year membership which gave me access to advantageous learning. The e-learning program, complementary modules, expert guidance, and live projects together form an intense curriculum. I like the management of the academy and the professional environment.

I got to learn details of income tax, GST, and Litigation management. The boot camps along with brush-up sessions helped a lot.
The training program includes interview sessions and placement assistance. The academy takes efforts to introduce students to the industry and develop professional skills. The trainers guided me to get good internships which reflected on my resume. The academy updates itself for the betterment of the learners.

The number of learners at Henry Harvin is considerable. I found the academy trustworthy in every aspect. The CATP credentials I got after completion of the Accounting and taxation course helped me to make my own reputed place in the industry. I am happy to be a part of Henry Harvin. If you have the passion to get a CATP credential and grow your career then I recommend Henry Harvin Academy for you.

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