I am Manish Choudhury from Punjab. I am a business owner and wanted to do this course of Six Sigma Certification with Tableau so that I can handle the analytics and analysis on my own. I have always been interested in analytics and the prospect of handling my business’s analytics gave me a lot of joy. 

The course covers various topics and segments of analytics. This was perfect for me as I wanted to handle the analytical parts of my business myself. The course helped me gain skills to make customer-centric actions at every stage. The trainers made me understand and drive useful information from data using analytical tools and statistical inferences. After the course, I was able to explore, analyse and solve business and management problems using analytical tools such as Python, R and Advanced and more than 200 management tools. I also acquired knowledge of filtering data in tableau. Also later I was able to have a broad understanding of creating a storyline and its usage in Tableau. 

I already said about what the course offered and what I learned from the course. Now I can handle all the analytical things of my business myself. I don’t need to hire anyone else for it and pay a high amount nor do I need to depend on anyone. It has made producing high-quality goods and services easier.  

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