Hi everyone, Logan Clark here. As a new alumnus of Henry Harvin, I have decided to write this TEFL review so that others, who are in the same boat as I once was, could benefit from my experience at this institute.

I was working as a marketing manager in L.A. but during the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to quit my job to follow my passion, i.e., teaching. As a native English speaker and a curious fellow to explore diverse cultures, I decided TEFL was the best career choice for me. I decided to dive deep into TEFL and started looking for online courses that offered the certification because of the pandemic.

Henry Harvin came up a lot in my searches and I sent in a query. Their counsellor, Lisa contacted me and filled me in about the 120-hour online self-paced TEFL program. At once, I enrolled in their course and was overly excited when I came across a few negative reviews online.

Those reviews spooked me but looking back I am glad I saw the reviews post-enrolment. I might not have joined the course and would have missed out on all the tricks of the trade and out-of-box strategies I learnt during the course.

I polished my teaching skills through the practicum teaching practice and even got the opportunity to prepare my first few lesson plans under their guidance. The trainer, Mr. Charles Hall was incredibly supportive and walked me through the essentials of teaching English with his valuable feedback.

 I was out of my mind when I had just quit my job and was starting with this course. Yet now I feel, it could not have turned better. TEFL certification opened so many doors for me.

A piece of advice to all, if you are planning on teaching English abroad or online, DO NOT skip out on this extremely valuable certification even if it is not from this institute.

Also, Henry Harvin’s placement team worked really hard to line up the perfect online job opportunities for me. I was immediately placed post-completion and now I am happily teaching and learning new cultures from the comfort of my home.

I give them 4.5 out of 5 and recommend their TEFL course to anyone looking to expand their career as an EFL teacher.

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