The lockdown was now boiling all the energy and enthusiasm out of me, with its ever extending period. I had lost all power to start new projects or even think of unique and innovative ideas. I certainly needed distraction and something worthwhile to invest this time into. That is when Henry Harvin turned up with this 5S certification course. I asked my parents to help me in choosing the right course and they recommended me to take this course. This course was supposed to make me more focussed and create a more organized workspace, with maximum productivity. 


        My parents were very enthusiastic about the program. The whole course turned out to be so productive and informative. All my objectives were met and the resources were amazing. The trainers gladly explained all my doubts, the concepts were clearly presented, and the projects were fun. All the sessions were interactive. Though there were a lot of students together, individual attention was given to meet everyone’s demand. There were quizzes and assignments to make our concepts clearer. With every class, I found myself exposed to newer topics that piqued my interest.

        It was even more enriching because of the certificate I received after my online exam. What made it worthwhile were the brush up sessions, that would never let you forget the importance of details and techniques taught in those 8 hours. This course helped me develop my skills and take them to an advanced level that would attract the companies  and impress my recruiters. With the new found inspiration, I feel more confident and ready to face the bigger challenges in the field. Thank you Henry Harvin!