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Most IT professionals know the value of SAP software has in the IT industry. I don’t need to give an additional explanation to describe the working of SAP software. The latest entry in this sphere is SAP Analytics Cloud computing. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is in high demand now in the IT market. People are eagerly studying the SAP Analytics Cloud to uplift their careers. If the latest trend keeps going the same way, it will become a prestigious course for an IT individual.

 I couldn’t remain unaffected by the trend, and I decided to pursue the SAP Analytics Cloud course from Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin has done an exceptional job imparting SAP education to working executives like me. I did the SAP Analytics Cloud course over the portal. It is an easy way to study complex software and technology. I had never thought that one day I would read through online classes. Henry Harvin made it look like a cakewalk. Apart from providing the students with a hassle-free online learning portal, Henry Harvin offered a combo of multiple SAP courses in a single SAP course.

 A single SAP Analytics Cloud course offered too many learning opportunities. Bootcamp sessions, placement assistance, and live projects are a few to name. Among these, I liked hands-on live projects for better learning. I worked on a project while working for my company simultaneously. It did not take extra hours of my daily routine. Mentors at Henry Harvin assigned me to live projects that matched my current job profile. 

 I will recommend the SAP Analytics Cloud course from Henry Harvin to aspiring individuals. It has helped my career, and I hope it will benefit others.

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