I am currently pursuing my degree in Graphic Designing. I have been a good student throughout the theory lessons. But I observed that when it comes to practical presentations, I get nervous and fail to do my best. But presentation is a very important part of my career and I needed to upgrade that at any cost. My friends helped me find courses online for management skills.That is when Henry Harvin’s Project Management Professional course came to the rescue.

        In the beginning, I thought it would be just like any other online course, boring with full of theory sessions. But I was proved wrong. This course piqued my interest with the live sessions, dedicated trainers, understandable resources and most importantly, doubt clearing sessions. There were real life projects under various topics for hands-on experience. Every hour of the course offered new terminologies and concepts and enhanced my knowledge. We performed risk analysis and the trainor helped us on how to provide cost and time estimations. We were also trained on how to hold onto the enthusiasm of the audience.

          I would like to thank Henry Harvin for upgrading my management skills. I can see this learning reflecting upon my career in a positive way. Now when I apply to any higher education institute, this certificate and all that knowledge is going to take me to the right place, even to the best role for employment. All students should give it a try and see the results for themselves. I can assure you that if not the best, this course is definitely a competitor among other management skill courses. 

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