It has been a while I have been living in Delhi NCR. While I was doing my graduation from an esteemed institution here, I got into technical writing by chance. It happened to ignite my interest. I have been wondering which could be an institution that could help me in fulfilling my dream of getting into a technical writing job. I stumbled upon Henry Harvin’s website and saw their contents. I was already impressed and then I saw the testimonials. Never knew, I would be writing a testimonial myself. It is a privilege.

I was a fresher in the field and had no clue of what was required to make it big in the field. Now, when I have to rate myself from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I will rate myself 7. That is quite an achievement. A big pat on my shoulder. My dedication and the decades of experience of Henry Harvin’s team in the field of technical writing made this get real. 

Apart from learning about a myriad of tools that aid the skills of technical writing, the course with Henry Harvin ensured that I get a competitive edge in this field so that I don’t lack my confidence.

The course constituted of 24 hours of online training, 24 hours of brush-up sessions, and 50 hours of e-learning module access. I didn’t have any clue that these few hours of training would change my life. Now, although, as a fresher, I have a job that is challenging and has several opportunities to climb up the ladder.

Project management and project delivery have become absolutely a cakewalk with the completion of the technical writing course. What helped me more is the recorded video of each session that only enhanced my already grasped subject knowledge.

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