Do you want to improve your medical writing skills or do you want to learn it from scratch? If your answer is Yes, Henry Harvin’s Medical writing course is meant for you. I am saying it out of my experience. I had no idea about writing at all. As I wanted to get into this profession, everyone suggested I should get into medical writing. First, I thought it was a joke. I was wrong. Anyone can get into medical writing provided they get the right guidance. Henry Harvin helped me gain that experience. 

Things that I learnt in Henry Harvin

  1. Medical Writing is no Rocket Science. You need to know the technicality
  2. Terminologies used in medical industry
  3. Ethics that you can’t ignore if you want to get into medical writing
  4. A better knowledge on the genres of medical writing which is otherwise difficult to learn
  5. Technicalities involved in the writing process

The course was a mix of 8 hours virtual training, 24 hours online brush up sessions, and 50 hours access to e-learning modules. It was an extensive study that involved hand-on practice to get more advantage in the future. 

My experience has been great with support from the learned trainers. Every question and doubt was answered with patience. Learning was a smooth experience in Henry Harvin with course materials that were in just the right structure for every type of learner. Being a fresher in this field, my enrollment got me into a new phase of life. I am one of the highly paid medical writers in my organization. This makes me proud. If you have been deciding to do a course in medical writing and you have been clueless where to start from, now you know it.

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