Henry Harvin has been the source that showed me the light to a new way of earning. Medical writing is my full time profession with a bit of content writing as my part-time profession now. This wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t taken the course with Henry Harvin. Their course pattern is easy to understand and made my life easier. Several things that a medical writer should know. You get them to enhance your career opportunities in the same field. The trainers are highly qualified and experienced, and therefore, are able to impart the right learning to the participants.

I also got extra benefits as I had enrolled for one year membership with Henry Harvin. Not that you don’t get benefits if you have not enrolled for the membership. Just that, you get more than what is otherwise provided. The learning experience is so amazing that I don’t have to refer to my notes t understand the concept anymore. I can proudly say that I am a subject matter expert now. On top of everything, the assistance to get a job makes your experience even fulfilling.

After enrolling, I got access to the learning management system that is the bible of medical writing. Whenever, I had any doubt, I could refer to those modules uploaded in the LMS and understand the concept. Recorded video sessions of our classroom training also added to the understanding of the same concept even thoroughly. 

I could have never thought that I could be a full-fledged medical writer if I had not been a part of Henry Harvin’s medical writing course. The sessions have also helped me in my content writing gig. I am ever grateful to the team who has shaped my career the way I wanted. Thank you!

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