A great decision I made this year was enrolling in the Henry Harvin Certified Marketing Analytics with Python certification program. There was a lot of fruitful work that I accomplished. Training was 32 hours in length with 50 hours of E-Learning access and 24 hours of live classroom sessions, and anyone could learn at his own pace.

With the help of his training program, Henry Harvin managed to provide certified marketing analysts. Furthermore, they provided a lot of practical knowledge to keep us in front of other job seekers. Getting trained and certified by Henry Harvin has plenty of benefits.

There is a very clear and focused curriculum for the Marketing Analytics with Python certification designed to provide the students with quality education as well as prepare them for the working world. A team of highly skilled and competent trainers prepared us to meet the industry’s upcoming challenges by using more practical approaches. The modules in the course included data manipulation, python, linear and logistic regression, association rule analysis, etc.

During our practical training for the Marketing Analytics with Python certification, our tutors helped us extensively utilize digital tools such as python and advanced excel too. Henry Harvin also offers weekly job assistance to its participants, and the certificate I earned after completing the course has been very valuable to me. Thanks to Henry Harvin, I was also a part of the Industrial Revolution at an international level, and I am very grateful for this. Thanks a lot.


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