Digital marketing is advertisements that are delivered through digital online channels like search engines, social media, mobile apps, and email. Digital marketing is about 5 D’s which, are mentioned below 

  • Digital Devices
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Technology
  • Digital Data
  • Digital Platforms

To gain knowledge, it is important to take the courses or refer to resources available on the Internet. The demand for Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers is increasing, and many companies are investing in digital marketing to promote their goods and services.

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Hence, the demand for individuals who are in this field is high. The digital marketing jobs range from fresher to experienced person. 

Let us understand the Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers available for freshers as listed below and how you can get the job. 

1.Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing refers to promoting products or services on social media. It refers to content marketing on social media to gain customers and sales.

The job can be a manager or executive. The job responsibility of Social media marketers includes

  • Goal setting, planning, and strategizing the marketing 
  • Develop brand awareness, online reputation, and brand identity 
  • Creating and managing content on the social media
  • Search engine optimization and working on organic traffic
  • Generating leads and sales
  • Managing reputation of the company 

The few skills that are required to become a social media marketer are

  • Communication skills 
  • Creative mindset 
  • Content developing knowledge and writing skills
  • Project management
  • Analytical skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Latest knowledge in the product and about social media.
  • Networking skills   

2. Search Engine Optimization Executive

Search engine optimization refers to the process of optimizing a website to make it more relevant, finable, and popular for the search engine to rank them better. The role and responsibility of the search engine optimization executive is  

  • Analyzing competitors on-site and off-site.
  • Compile regular performance reports using google analytics
  • Liaising with the content team to create relevant and popular content 
  • Creation of strategies 
  • Doing a detailed keyword search and occasionally working on blogs to enhance performance
  • Keeping up to date strategies and methods towards SEO
  • Attention to details of the google algorithm change

The few skills that are required to be an SEO executive is

  • Understanding and knowledge of complete SEO and how it works
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in the programming language, preferred are PHP and JavaScript
  • Report writing skills
  • Knowledge of social media platforms
  • Technical skills and SEO knowledge to be updated.

This role is open to all degree holder graduates, but below degree helps secure an SEO Executive job

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • IT
  • Business and Technology
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3. Digital Marketing Executive

Digital marketing refers to the term where advertising is made via digital channels. The digital channels include search engines, websites, apps, social media, and email. The Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers have the marketing executive include


  • Build, plan, implement and manage the marketing strategies
  • Stay up to date with the technology and advancement
  • Manage the various digital channels, social media and track their performance
  • Manage ROI and all the KPI’s 
  • Prepare marketing budget
  • Manage and increase the quality of content, SEO, and google analytics
  • Forecast sales
  • Prepare newsletter and online interaction content
  • Work with teams to increase user experience.

The skills that are required for securing the job in this category are

  • IT skills 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • The creative mindset to provide new and innovative ideas
  • Networking skills
  • Knowledge of digital platforms

The preferred educational qualification for this Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers is a degree of graduate or postgraduate. The specialization of are preferred as mentioned below. 

  • Marketing based degree 
  • Business and technology
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Creative designing
  • Content writing 

4. Search Engine Marketing Executive 

Search engine marketing refers to creating a strategy that is used to increase the visibility of a website in SERP – search engine results pages. The job description and role of the SEM executive include

  • Develop strategies to increase results of the website in search engine ranking
  • Research on keywords to include in websites
  • Goal setting to increase marketing 
  • Monitor daily performance to increase SEO strategy performance
  • Effective communication for goal alignment
  • Collaborate with other teams
  • Writing content of website, blog, and page 
  • Update website links to make them searchable

The skills that are required to obtain the job of SEM executive are

  • Experience in SEO campaigns 
  • Understanding of algorithms and ranking methods of search engine
  • Experience in google analytics and adobe analytics
  • Knowledge of keywords 
  • Knowledge of data mining tools
  • Understanding of competitive analysis of other companies
  • Communication skills in writing and verbal communication 
  • Knowledge of WordPress and other websites
  • Experience in marketing 
  • Conducting campaigns
  • Reporting 

The referred educational qualification for this job is a degree or postgraduate in

  • Business related qualification
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Computer science
  • Maths
  • Statistics

5. Content Marketing Executive

Content marketing refers to creating a strategy that is used to attract, retain, and engage audiences with relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. It involves creating content and sharing the same. The role of content marketing executive involves

  • Creating, developing, and sharing content for marketing purposes
  • Content marketing initiatives for driving traffic, creating leads, and engaging customer to retain and increase sales
  • Collaboration with other departments to create the goal
  • Content categorization, structure, and distribution based on SEO 
  • Management of resources
  • Management of channels 

The skill that is required for the Content marketing executive is

  • Strategic planning
  • Research and data analytics
  • Project management
  • Content production, editing, and distributing
  • Copywriting skills
  • Graphic designing
  • Collaboration 
  • Understanding of SEO

The educational qualification that is required to be a content marketing executive is the degree or postgraduate degree in 

  • Marketing based degree 
  • Business and technology
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Creative designing
  • Content writing 
  • Mass communication
  • Graphic designing

6. Email Marketing Executive 

Email Marketing is the process of sending emails that are commercial to a list of people on the mailing list. The roles of the Email marketing executive is as listed below 


  • Identifying audience to grow the mailing list
  • Create, design, and implement email campaigns
  • Proofread the content to make it error-free
  • Create user-friendly templates
  • Writing newsletter including company updates
  • Create email templates by using a graphic to attract
  • Prepare accurate and relevant content to communicate with customers
  • Email database creation and generate leads
  • Analyze the performance and suggest ideas to improve
  • Creating reports 
  • Adopt best practices and new policies in the market 

The skills that are required to become successful in this role is as mentioned below 

  • Knowledge on HTML
  • Knowledge of content management systems
  • Knowledge of marketing automation technology
  • Knowledge of SEO, SEM, and Google analytics
  • Analytical and database tools
  • Copywriting skills
  • Communication skills
  • Project management skills

The educational qualification of this role include a degree in

  • Marketing degree
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Graphic designing

7. Web Development Executive 

Web development is the work that involves creating and developing a website or the intranet page of the company. The role and responsibilities of the web developer include

  • Test and debug the Web applications
  • Design, develop, deploy, test and bug fix all the web applications
  • Coding of pages 
  • Creation of coding structure to solve problems
  • Collaboration and coordination with teams to develop web projects 
  • Support on maintenance of websites
  • Research on software that is compatible and proposes them for future
  • Conducting testing and fixing the downtime of websites
  • Fix troubleshooting, latency, bugs, and resolving problems

The skills that are required to become a Web developer executive is

  • Computer literacy
  • Numeracy skills
  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to details
  • Problem-solving skills
  • The logical approach to work
  • Understanding of technical matters
  • Interest in technology and coding
  • Knowledge of designing software
  • Knowledge of web server 

The educational qualification required to become a web developer is

  • UX- User experience
  • UI – User interface
  • Visual Designing
  • Programming language – Javascript, Ajax, and web animation
  • Coding languages – HTML and CSS 
  • Web programming languages like C, Java, PHP, and Ruby

8. Content Strategist 

The content strategy relates to planning, editing, and writing content for the social platforms on the web and mobile. The role of the content strategist involves

  • Manage the calendar to ensure the timely publication 
  • Assigning blogs and getting them completed by writers
  • Identify the new topics and identify the gaps
  • Creating style guides
  • Proofreading and editing of content before publication
  • Scheduling of social media post 
  • Research on keywords and SEO to understand customer requirements
  • Monitor web engagement and the traffic on site
  • Coordinate with marketing and designing teams
  • Review and update the published content
  • Work on trending topics

The skills that are required to become a Content strategist are as follows

  • Portfolio in content writing and published articles
  • Project management skills
  • Knowledge of content management systems
  • WordPress knowledge
  • Understanding of HTML and web publishing
  • Understanding of keyword search and SEO
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of social media

The education qualification required to pursue a career in this area is

  • Degree in Marketing
  • Degree in journalism
  • Communication
  • Content writing 

9. BOT Developer 

BOT developers can create an interface for the actions of customers on a website. The interfaces are created to accept the payment, chatbox, and feedback received from customers. The job description of the BOT developer is

  • Design Chatbot 
  • Collaboration with various teams on application design and decision making
  • Create and analyze data 
  • Define questions to be handled by BOT for providing the effective user experience
  • Creating flow and handling process as per client requirement
  • Develop internal testing tools

The skills that are required for the BOT developer is 

  • Knowledge of Machine learning, NodeJS, SQL, and graph database
  • Knowledge of programming language
  • Knowledge of AWS
  • Project management skills
  • Knowledge of datasets like text, images, and logos
  • Knowledge of algorithms in e-commerce and advertising

The educational qualification required is

  • IT
  • Business management
  • Coding and programming

10. Digital Data Analyst 

Digital Data refers to the data of the organization’s online platforms. The digital data analyst works on data and analyses the data from social media, marketing, and SEO. The role of the digital Data analyst is

  • The ability to translate complex data into the easily readable data
  • Knowledge of Digital marketing technologies
  • Communication skills to provide a clear description of the analyzed data
  • To develop the presentations to present data and propose solutions
  • Assist in audit
  • Analyze key performer indicator
  • Analyze marketing initiatives
  • Assist in strategy and driven decision making 
  • Assist and collaborate with teams in terms of data

The skills that are required to become a Digital Data analyst is

  • Structured query language
  • Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft applications
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making skills
  • Statically programming skills like R and Python
  • Data visualization
  • Presentation skills
  • Machine learning 
  • Analytical skills
  • Collaboration
  • Communication skills in written and verbal 
  • Knowledge of social platforms 

The education qualification which is required to become a digital data analyst is

  • Programming language
  • Data analysis and tools
  • Machine language
  • IT

The above mentioned are a few Digital Marketing jobs for Freshers. The jobs require experience and skills to be successful.

Now you know the various available jobs, but how to get the job is an important question. Please refer below to the steps of getting the job as a fresher.

How to Land in Digital Marketing Job as a fresher

1. Learn Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

It is always necessary to get the knowledge and understanding of the field you want to start a career. There are digital marketing courses provided by various intuitions online, instructor-led, classroom training, and self-paced courses.

These courses are certified to serve as proof of the new skill which is gained. The knowledge can be obtained, by doing a certification course from institutions, online platforms, reading books, or listening to podcasts.

The knowledge of digital marketing is readily available on the internet with paid and free resources as structured and unstructured learning.

The information can be available in audio, video, and text formats such as e-books, pdfs, and presentations.   

2. Research the Job and gain additional Skills

After getting the knowledge of Digital marketing and completing the course, the next step is to find which job role you want to enroll in.

There are a lot of job roles with different job descriptions. Hence it is important to understand which is the right fit for you.

Some Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers require an additional skillset and additional qualifications to make your profile strong and apt for the role. The additional courses can be done as a certified course or gain knowledge from free resources available on the internet.

An individual would not want to land a job that does not make them happy and satisfied. Therefore, do complete research and analyze all the pros and cons of roles. 

3. Gain Practical knowledge – Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

Once you have decided the genre that you want to pursue as a career, it is advisable to gain practical knowledge in that domain.

Practical knowledge can be ascertained either by doing an internship or freelancing. Internships can be paid or unpaid and can be mutually decided by the employer you work for that duration.

You can also work as a freelancer and provide services to different clients.

It can help in gaining expertise and knowing how to work with various clients under different circumstances. Freelancing will also help you in your network and clarity on your career path. 

4. Resume/ CV Preparation 

To apply for a job, the resume/ CV is a mandatory step. A resume is more specific to the job you apply for, and a CV is detailed information of all the experience.

It is as per the requirement of the role and company that you are applying to. The resume or CV should contain the experience that you have gained, for the employer to understand why you are fit for the job.

The resume should be crisp and clear and one page only to make the employer glance at all the information at the given point.

The resume, when prepared in STAR format, adds value. The STAR format is Situation, Task, Action, and result. 

5. Apply for Jobs – Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

Next, apply for a job. Considering the current situation, the demand for remote working or work from home is huge. You can check for jobs and apply online.

You can apply for full-time, part-time Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers depending on how you want to start your career.

The big companies may require an internship for 3months or more as per the criteria.

The companies have job portals with the openings listed, or this can also be searched on websites that promote vacancies.

While applying for the job remember your goal as you would not want to land up in a job that is not of your interest. 

6. Create Professional Portfolio 

Creating a profile on LinkedIn, helps you to rank when searched by the employer. LinkedIn is the professional social media that helps you to build your portfolio.

Here, you can update your CV, add any project that you have created, add your skills and start interacting with people.

It will help you to network, collaborate and interact with the domain experts. LinkedIn ranks the complete profile when searched by employers.

LinkedIn also provides a feature of endorsing the skills and providing recommendations by people, which will help you be the best fit for the role. Create a good network, as this also helps in LinkedIn ranking. 

7. Find A Mentor – Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

As a fresher, you can look for a mentor. The mentor is an individual who has good expertise in the domain and can help you in learning.

The Mentors assist in knowledge sharing, which can be on the digital marketing, skill set requirement, Interview assistance, and even reference on a particular job.

The mentor can provide insights on the campaign they have conducted over their Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers.

Mentors can help you by recommending you on LinkedIn. Hence, it is important to select a mentor with good years of experience. 

8. Prepare for the Interview

If you get any Interview calls, prepare thoroughly for the job. You need to learn about the company and understand the Job description that you have applied for. Some interview tips are

  • Be clear of the concepts
  • Prepare the projects and internship experience in STAR format 
  • Be crisp and clear with your answers
  • Understand the situations and how to respond

9. Be open to Learn – Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

Once you have gained the Job, be open to learning and exploring. Digital Marketing evolves every day, and new technologies are being introduced.

Hence, being updated and implementing strategies is part of a regular job. Understand, the more you learn and gain knowledge, it will help in future opportunities. Keep learning and keep growing. Be keen on learning and curious about topics around. 


The above listed are a few Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers that individuals can refer to and think about pursuing as a career.

Also, the steps are mentioned on how you can land up a job. You can also find other job opportunities once you start applying. 


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Ans. The best course for digital marketing is provided by Henry Harvin.
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Course Modules
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Certification process 
Counseling is provided to understand the requirement and assist if this course suits.
Undergo the 32 hours instructor-led course
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Get certified 

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Q2. What are the basic steps to starting a career in digital marketing?

Ans. The basic step to start a career in digital marketing is 
– Get the basic knowledge of digital marketing
– Start a website of your own
– Gain Expertise in SEO
– Gain a Google ads certification
– Understand Facebook ads and how its advertising works
– Gain expert knowledge in google analytics
– Start a career as a freelancer
– Do internship
– Keep updated knowledge in this domain
– Learn about digital marketing tools

Q3. Which Digital Marketing skills are in demand?

Ans. The few in-demand skills are:

– Marketing and video making
– Copywriting
– Pay per click
– Graphic designing
– Content developing 
– Video Editing 
– Paid media 
– Data analytics
– Content marketing

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