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Teen MBA: Online Summer Program for Teenagers

Visualize your Career Aspirations of Becoming a CEO, CMO, CFO, or CTO. Develop the Necessary Hard skills & Soft Skills. Build a Great Profile for College Admissions!

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Interested in a summer program based in Missouri?

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Here is why you should join a summer school:

High school students should join a summer school as it helps them learn new skills, get better grades, and helps them learn through innovative methods of teaching.

It also helps boost your college application and promotes independent learning. Summer schools are the perfect place to network and grow as an individual and even have fun!

Here are the Top 10 summer schools you can attend:

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


Nowadays, everyone is snowed under with work. We have to look after income because everything costs an arm and a leg. However, at the same time, we are worried about our child’s future. We want someone who can guide and motivate them like us. Parents are very much concerned when they watch their children wasting time in summer.

Parents can curtail their anxiety after enrolling their child in our upmost Summer school In Missouri. We are in the limelight because of our best service.

You can enroll in any course of Henry Harvin and can give them a learning and optimistic atmosphere.

Isn’t it fascinating that the learners will get a serene and best platform for learning?

Learning is the modification of behavior. Our Mentor makes sure to give in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Henry Harvin wants to give explicit information about the courses. We believe in the holistic development of a child and give them different experiences.

Course A. Teen MBA Course

An Instructor-level-led online course of three weeks will help you to enhance your skills. You will get the actual business situation problems from our experts. After solving critical business problems, you can expedite your cognitive skills. You can acquire knowledge in Business, Marketing, Finance, and technology.

Teen CEO will lead you to evolve business planning, time management, and business acumen skills.

Teen CMO can devise marketing strategies to achieve their target.

Teen CFO can devise financial strategies for your business.

  Teen CTO can understand technology deeply.

Course B. Content Writing Course

You can be a certified content writer after joining Henry Harvin. You can evolve a better understanding of writing in your mind. You can build up advanced writing skills and reach the milestone. If you are interested in content writing, then join us and move on to the expedition of content writing.

Course C. Technical Writing Course

Technical writers prepare instructions manuals, journal articles, and other supporting documents to communicate intricate and technical information very easily. We give you tips and tricks to understand technical writing. You can write effectively with us. We provide a well-qualified Mentor to guide you throughout the entire journey of writing.

Course D. Medical Writing Course

You can evolve a better understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory writing and medico-writing. You can be a certified Medical writer after joining our course. Medical writers can give novice health information to the readers. We guide you and give you better tips on medical writing.

Course E. Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is trending everywhere. Digital marketing courses help you to devise marketing strategies. Our instructor helps you to give explicit information about the digital marketing course. Our experts guide you about marketing to generate traffic.

Join Henry Harvin to perceive knowledge and utilize your time for the future.

Henry Harvin Teen Academy provides a course called teen MBA which enhances the leadership skills of students.

It inculcates the necessary skills in teens to become CEO, CFO, etc.

Click here to see my blog on skills you will acquire from this program

Henry Harvin also provide these Courses

Junior MBA course

Business Accounting and Taxation course

Data Science Course

Business Analyst course

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2. Drury University’s Dual Credit Program

This is a summer school which allows high school students to take classes during regular school hours or online. Students can earn both high school and university credit at a reduced rate.

Instructors that teach Dual Credit for Drury University are very qualified and  have a minimum of a master’s degree in the subject in which they teach.

Dual Credit students are issued a Drury student ID number, allowing them access to resources in Olin Library and to view their Drury transcript.

Dual Credit course grades are recorded on your high school and Drury University transcript. Please try do your best in your Dual Credit courses, as you are establishing a college transcript and Grade Point Average (GPA) that will follow you throughout your college career.

Cost- Seated classes at your high school are $70 per credit hour.

Online classes are $90 per credit hour.

For more information click here

3. Kansas City Art Institute-Pre-College ArtLab 

students drawing a lady

Kansas City Art Institute’s summer residency program for high school students is a great summer school for art students to build their portfolio.

Accepted students live on campus for three weeks and experience life as a student of the institute. 

The course curriculum is designed by qualified faculty to advance students technically, creatively, and conceptually.

Studio options for 2020 include animation, design, illustration, and painting with electives in a variety of mediums. Acceptance is competitive and space is limited. 

 Cost: $3,000 fee includes three college-level credits, campus housing, meals, supplies and more

4. Mizzou Engineering’s High School Summer Camp

logo of university of Missouri

This is a great summer school for students interested in engineering!

Do you want to experience the life of a Mizzou Engineering Student?

Yes? Then this program is for you 

You will be able to work on hands-on projects which include building balsa wood bridges, designing and creating super balls, building soda-bottle rockets, constructing circuits, coding on computers, and more.

You will also get the full Mizzou campus experience. You will get to live in dorms and eat from the dining halls.  

Cost- Program fee is $500 *paid upon acceptance to the program

5. Missouri University Journalism Workshop – Virtual Experience

This program is great for aspiring journalists. In this program, you will learn from the School of Journalism faculty and visiting professionals on how to improve your writing, interviewing, and storytelling skills.

Attendees will learn techniques for audio, podcasting, and video along with tools for being a good investigative reporter.

6.Leadership through English Advancement & Development (LEAD)

This is a summer school which helps in English advancement and personal and leadership development of students .

For English advancement, the students will gain academically and socially from participating in intercultural communication situations in a comfortable environment. They are encouraged to build a good relationship with teachers, peers, and mentors.

For personal and leadership development, the program helps to bring out the best qualities of each student for them to learn and push themselves to succeed by focusing on key areas expressed through their educational model.

The program offers a chance for students to meet and form long-lasting friendships with vibrant, highly motivated peers from all over the United States and around the world.

7. Drury Leadership Academy

A group of students from this academy

This Summer School is great for students to learn about how to take care of themselves in stressful situations. This will also teach students how they can maintain their well being when they go to college.

This program is particularly important for a student who wants to go to a top college.

Cost- $885 ( includes the cost of the class and residential cost)

8. The Summer Explosives Camp

This Summer School provides a very unique experience for a hands-on learning experience with explosives. Participants will experience a variety of demonstrations, presentations, projects, and handling and shooting explosives.


You will get to learn about :


2. High explosives

3.Blasting agents

4.Rock blasting

You will also have a behind the scenes look at how explosives are used in industry and entertainment. 


Registration Fee: $1,450

9. SPACE – The Final Frontier

Do you want to design, build and fly a small satellite?

Missouri S&T’s Space Frontier summer school is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter the edge of outer space.

You will get to use your math and science skills to design and construct a small spacecraft at home that you will send back to the Missouri S&T campus to be launched on a high altitude balloon to 100,000 feet.


Throughout the week, video lessons will include

1.Satellite building and testing instructions

2.Virtual laboratory tours

3. Interviews with aerospace engineering faculty and students.

Cost- $500 (includes activity package of materials) 

High School Summer Institutes- Washington University


Summer Engineering Fellowship 2019 Participants, McKelvey School of Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

High School Summer Institutes combine traditional studies and lab curriculum with fun things like field trips, guest lectures, and small group activities for students to gain valuable academic and career experience.


High School Summer Institute students live on campus in air-conditioned residence halls. In addition to coursework, students participate in specialized seminars, workshops, academic support groups, weekend outings, and evening social events.


So these were the Top 10 Summer Schools in Missouri. I hope that this list helps you this Summer. Be sure to join the Henry Harvin Teen Academy which is a global online academy. 

Note- Most of the summer schools mentioned in this list are now being conducted online due to the ongoing pandemic.

Please check out my previous blogs by clicking here.

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