“Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovations that attracts from the designer’s tool kit to integrate the requirement of the individuals,  eventualities of technologies, and the requirements for business success”.


What is design thinking?

Design thinking expresses the empirical features, strategic and sensible proceedings by which design concepts for products, buildings, machines, and communication are evolved. Several intellections and aspects of design thinking are diagnosed through studies, different style domains, design noesis, and activity in both laboratory and natural context.

With the help of Design thinking program for indore, decisions can be made consequently based on customers’ covet instead of depending on historical data or iffy bets. It gives a coordinative approach to users, business persons, designers, researchers, technologists, and strategists.

Why is design thinking important?

Design thinking is a doctrine and method that are implicated for solving intricate problems through user-centric ways. It circumscribes processes such as context analysis, problem finding, generating ideas and solutions, creative thinking, modeling, prototyping, and much more. 

The aim of design thinking are :

  • Using consumer databases, and applying human factors/ergonomics, design thinking can uncover the pain points of human needs.
  • Design thinking helps one to discern the problems and adopt innovative solutions.
  • It countenances by creating prototypes and adopts abductive and productive reasonings.
  • Design thinking empowers organizations to create perpetual values for consumers.
  • Design thinking induces together what is beneficial ( from a human point of view), feasibility  (from the technical point of view), and economically sustainable (business point of view).

What is the framework of design thinking program? 


It’s the first stage of design thinking where the designer monitors consumers to procure an empathic understanding of how they act with or area unit stricken by the product or issues.

 Consulting experts are involved in communicating, observing, and engaging with people to understand them on an intellectual and emotional level without imparting preconceived notions.

Descry with empathy is robust because it uncovers the issues by gathering clear insight about the users which they cannot verbalize for the development of the products.

Define ( the problem)

In this stage pieces of information are put together which are created by combining and analyzing research during the empathy stage. The core problems are captured in human-centric terms and are perceived and synthesized in a defined manner. Let’s understand the kind of problems which are gathered: What difficulties and barriers users are facing? What patterns did designers observe? And in the end kind of innovative solutions for the unmet needs. The key here is to structure the quandary exceedingly.

In-short defined stages help the professionals to gather ideas to initiate peculiarities, functions, and other elements that will help them to analyze and resolve the issues with minimum difficulties.



 Now that the problem is evident the designers can breakthrough ways to address the unmet needs by identifying new solutions and exploring them by generating ideas via considering activities like sketching, stick figures, and skilled arts. Ideating stage flows between ideas generations and evaluations by picking various techniques such as Brainstorm, Brainwriting, Worst Possible Idea, and SCAMPER. Here we itemize span knowledge over depth as we look for a diverse range of ideas and prototypes.

 Ideate sessions are typically used to stimulate free thinking and provides the elements required to circumvent it.


The Prototype is a pint-sized version of the products which incorporates experimentations and turning ideas into palpable products. In this stage, the key steps involved are investigating solutions, highlighting constraints and flaws.

However, on account of the prototyping stage, the proposed solutions may be established, improved, refurbished, or rebuffed depending on how they fare in prototype form.


Testing is one of the staunch processes in design thinking as it quickly focuses on flaws that need to be addressed. 


The testing phase is an annex of the empathy as it makes us run for more intellectual sessions, iterated processes, insights, product modifications before creating a winning prototype.

To polish your design thinking skills, Here are some online programs specially designed for Indore and other aspirants.

  • Henry Harvin
  • Design Thinking For Innovations By The University Of Virginia From Coursera.
  • Develop Your Innovations – Certified Design Bootcamp By Udemy
  • Foundation In Design thinking Certificate (IDEO U)
  • MIcromasters Program In Design Thinking By Rochester Institute 
  • Complete Design thinking Master Class 
  • Design Thinking -Understanding The Process 
  • Introduction To Design Thinking And people-centred Design -Revised 
  • Design Thinking For Entrepreneur And Startup(Part 1)
  • Cooper Crash Course: Design Thinking In 3 steps 

1 Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin logo

 Henry Harvin is one of the creators of proliferating professional and technical certifications in India. It provides courses that are focused on learning solutions and caters to values for working professionals and students.


The Design Thinking Course offered by Henry Harvin provides detailed training and focuses on principles of issues, generating effective solutions, developing business ideas with supplications of tools and techniques.

Key features

  • Course Duration: 24 hours live online interactive classroom course.
  • Candidates receive a certificate after clearing an online exam post-training
  • Constant support for the project with case studies along with monthly brush-up sessions for 1 year.
  • Guidance from trainers with enormous experience and multi-industry exposure + end-to-end support + focus on delivering extensive project knowledge and practical insights.
  • Acquire expertise with 10+ projects + Gain practical knowledge of Design Thinking tools + Develop your skills with continuous learning and assessment over 1 year.

Henry Harvin  Design and thinking course Fee


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Henry Harvin Design Thinking Course Ranks #1 by India Today

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Korean Language Course is Provided:

BhopalCochinBangalore, DelhiLucknowSuratOnline, Hyderabad, PuneMumbai

2.Design Thinking For Innovation By the University Of Virginia From Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform that contains various courses with certifications. Coursera is one platform that provides free courses and financial aid which are helpful for many. Coursera hires qualified professionals for assistance and the courses available by the aspirants include master track courses, specializations and degrees, and much more.


A design thinking course developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia provides a complete overview of design thinking with a framework containing key questions and tools to help you understand its approach.

Key Features 

  •  certification upon completion of the course 
  • Study at your own pace and schedules 
  • Flexible deadlines 
  • Course duration is approximately of  6 hours 
  • No prior experience is required, it’s a beginner’s level course.

3 Develop Your Innovations – Certified Design Bootcamp By Udemy 

Udemy logo

Udemy is one of the online learning and training platforms that offers thousands of courses in wide ranges. It helps millions of students to attain opportunities and connect with professionals at their own pace.

Design thinking course is constructed on boot camp learning philosophy where the aspirants will be assigned with many projects and assignments. And after completion of the whole Bootcamp process, the aspirants will receive certificates. The goal is to acquire innovative solutions by using stimulate creativity 

Key Feature 

  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 4 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion

Foundations In Design Thinking Certificate (IDEO U)

IDEO U accoutre you with creative analytical skills, comprehensive tools, and leadership outlook to cope up rapidly, in today’s modern world. The courses built by them are truly based on human-centric benefits. The design thinking course provided by IDEO U helps you to practice and understand the social, emotional, and physical needs of the consumer and helps in acquiring knowledge of the core concept. 

Key features 

  • Online cohort courses-2
  • 2-3 months course duration. 
  • 4 hours /week.
  • Helps in developing advanced brainstorming.
  • After completion of 2 courses aspirants receives a certificate of Foundation In Design Thinking.

4 Micromasters Program in Design Thinking by Rochester Institute (edX)

edX logo

Courses offered by edX are pretty legit and offer pathways and platforms for the aspirants to flourish. 

Design thinking course is especially premeditated for the people who wish to gain users’ empathies, observation skills strategies to understand the context, ideation, and techniques to precipitate solutions.

Key Features

  • Five graduate-level course 
  • The duration of the course is 8 months.
  • Need to deliver 8-12 hours per week.
  • MicroMasters Program Certificate on the completion of four program courses

5.Complete Design Thinking Master Class 

Complete Design Thinking Master Class course can be taken from Udemy. The course is taught by Andy Woynarowski – a charismatic leader disrupting the landscape of design in Europe. In this course, aspirants can learn how to manage challenges, customer’s perspectives, and ways to deliver results and experiences.

This course is fully integrated with unique 29 methods to understand the process.

Key features 

  • 4.5 hours on-demand videos
  • 94 downloadable resources 
  • Lifetime access 
  • Projects and assignments and methodologies 
  • Certification after completion 

6.DesignThinking: Understanding The Process 

Design Thinking: Understanding The Process Certification course can be done through LinkedIn.LinkedIn Learning is an online platform offering high-quality videos from skillful professionals. However, more than a thousand courses are offered by LinkedIn which are based on subscription.

Design thinking courses offered by LinkedIn is for those who are curious to understand the methodologies and wish to find some creative solutions to the consumers. In this course, aspirants can learn about the pros and cons of design thinking, the step-by-step process of empathizing, defining, brainstorming solutions, prototyping, how to overcome challenges such as organizational inertia and silos, and market research.

Key Features 

  • 0.7 Hours
  •  Certificate of completion

7 Introduction To Design Thinking And People-Centered Design – Revised 

Introduction To Design Thinking And a People-Centered Design-Revised course can be done through Alison. Alison is one of the leading online platforms that are dedicated to providing skill training and education to any student at any subject level. Their mission is to provide wide opportunities and advancement for every aspirants 

The design thinking course provided by Alison is one of the free online introductory courses which will educate the aspirants to understand the modus Operandi and to deliver solutions using various tools and techniques associated with crucial functions that focus on consumer needs and wants.

Key Feature 

  • Duration of the course 1.5 to 3 hours 
  • Certification after completion 

8 Design Thinking For Entrepreneur And Startup (Part 1)

Design Thinking for Entrepreneur and Startup (part 1) course can be taken by Udemy where aspirants will be learning about the process of developing empathy and coughing problems. 

The course also helps the aspirants to understand the consumer’s mentality, strengthen the thought process, and provides the opportunities to join Bootpeers, a community of building entrepreneurs. It also helps aspirants to learn lean methodologies.

Key Features 

  • 1.5 hours on-demand videos 
  • 16 downloadable resources 
  • Lifetime access 
  • Certificate after completion.

Cooper Crash Course: Design Thinking In 3 Steps 

Cooper Crash Course: design thinking in 3 steps can be taken by Udemy.This course is taught by Alan Cooper, Sanskriti Ayyar, and Teresa Brazen, team members from Cooper Professional Education (CPE) — a team at Designit. In this course, the aspirants can learn consumer insights, envisioning solutions, and prototyping. 


The course also prepares the aspirants to brainstorm and test new ideas before investing time and money 

Key Feature 

  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 15 articles
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion


  •  The Design Thinking process is iterative and non-linear.
  • Design thinking works with the alliance of human science, design, engineering, and business. 
  •  Innovations are everyone’s business and design thinking yields the tools one needs to become an innovative thinker. 
  • Essential issues are demonstrated and strived for arrangements.
  • Design thinking are the arrangements which tends to focus on clients requisite in an idealistic way 

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Q-1. Design thinking can be done without initial user research?

Ans : No design thinking cannot be done without initial user research.

Q-2- Who can learn design thinking?

Ans : Anyone who is intrigued to solve problems can learn design thinking.

Q-3. How can I practice design thinking?

Ans : There are many ways to get immense experience in learning and implementing design thinking.

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