TEFL Course: TEFL Certifications: How to avoid any mistakes

Being young and well-focused in choosing the right course for yourself is not an easy task. And when it comes to traveling around the world that too using your English teaching skills would create a barrier in fulfilling it. However, you need to plan accordingly about the right course to be chosen and how you will acquire a certificate to teach abroad. We are not only choosing the right course but also we are investing our hard-earned money which will help us attain our desired skills, and ROI.

Well, EFL teachers with TEFL certification courses are high in demand. And to clear the gateway into teaching, complete research on TEFL certifications (training, qualifications, job placements, etc) is likely required.

On the contrary, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration while choosing the best TEFL courses.

With so many options and choices, here are some of the common mistakes which one must avoid for the kick start of a career.

Which is a better choice: “online or offline class”?

Choices are based on individuals learning preferences. There is no clear definition on the say “which is better” as the itinerary remains the same. However, offline classes are always in demand, because it provides wide exposure to meet different people with a different point of view, dedicated faculties, a better understanding of the concept with various examples, study buddies for brushing up the course.

On the other hand, online learnings have their own benefits, you can complete the course at your pace and convenience, and can brush up with the lessons whenever required. Learning online even helps the aspirants to boost their technical skills in terms of researching, understanding the usage of new software, effective communications, and much more which can be added as a new skill.

Although online learning courses are mostly pocket-friendly, aspirants must keep in mind that experience or practical knowledge can only be acquired in real life.

Note: it is essential to ensure that these classes must meet international standards.

Are you choosing a comprehensive course?

While researching about TEFL courses, we come across many TEFL courses which range from 20 hours to 150 hours or more. However, while applying for teaching jobs the aspirants must meet the international standard by qualifying 120 hours of TEFL certification. The fact check is that TEFL courses offering less than 120 hours are not legitimate. As most of the TEFL courses are self-paced, the aspirants can complete the course as per their flexibility.

Henry Harvin institute always inspires their aspirants to upgrade their TEFL certification by adding specialization so that they can make themselves more marketable. Moreover, for an adequate classroom, EFL teachers must acquire a comprehensive course that will benefit the students and aspirants would also feel comfortable while managing a class.

Is the TEFL course accredited?

It is difficult to comprehend the significance of accreditation, as most of the TEFL/TESOL courses are not licensed. Adding to our dismay while researching we don’t come across any accrediting bodies. However, accreditation is still vital.

An accredited TEFL course provides the aspirants with world-class certification, skills, qualifications, and guidance so that aspirants can acquire their goals of teaching English abroad.

Accredited schools or institutions are also aware that the aspirants applying for TEFL certification courses are taking high-quality verified training courses that are internationally accepted.

Note: Aspirants must make sure while researching for the TEFL course is that the accrediting body should be widely recognized by government educational institutions.

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Is the TEFL testament perceived where I need to educate? 

“Where I need to educate”, is the most significant. All TEFL testaments are perceived in someplace and have various prerequisites. In certain nations, an online TEFL certificate is sufficient for most of the aspirants.

 In the event, if you want to work in a specific country, you need to ensure that you take a TEFL course that is well acknowledged. On the off chance that most occupation adverts for a nation say “TEFL”, or ” four weeks TEFL” or something comparable, at that point an online declaration won’t cut it, paying little heed to the quality, content or term of the course.

How long does it take to be certified?

Shorter TEFL courses do exist, and you at that point need to return to the subject of “Is it perceived and acknowledged where I need to instruct?”.

Some serious courses are packed into just a month while some can last for six months or significantly more. You need to think about your present way of life, accounts, and objectives when you look at TEFL courses. The reward of taking a crack at a TEFL course is that you can get affirmed and start that work abroad sooner! This is ideal for somebody restless to begin showing abroad.

However, in the case of online TEFL courses, the aspirants can gain in-depth knowledge if they seek long-term courses which are beneficial in terms of employment.

Taking TEFL course without practical component

TEFL course’s practical components incorporate practical teaching, observation skills, and classroom management. Moreover, the theory, methodologies, and practical training are once mastered, carrying out your teaching skills with real-time students is another level.

Taking a course that consolidates live practice teaching understudies for two main reasons:

  • It will give the aspirant genuine working experience and will help in acquiring the abilities and solace level which can be turned into an effective instructor.
  • Many language schools around the globe don’t perceive TEFL certificates that don’t consolidate a practicum. 

Moreover, While pretending with different educators in training can be significant, it is not a viable alternative for work on instructing with actual students.

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Is it worth the money?

TEFL courses cost money. However, a TEFL course is an instructing course. It is in a real sense that shows you how to instruct, which is quite possibly the main position in the world. You ought to hope to pay for it similarly as you would hope to pay for a college degree or confirmation. It very well may be enticing to go for the least expensive course you can discover, yet we request that you must reconsider. Similarly likewise with most things throughout everyday life, it’s normally unrealistic. The course may be short or not excellent or with an organization with a terrible standing. Unfortunately, there are a couple of tricks coasting around in the TEFL world and modest however futile courses are one of them.

Reviews about the TEFL course

If you intend to make an enormous purchase, read the graduate’s review about the course. This will help to find that the course you are about to buy is legit or not.

Another extraordinary method to discover which TEFL courses are legitimate is to look where the graduated class is being instructed. On the contrary, if the graduating class proceeded to secure incredible TEFL positions with respectable schools and language organizations, at that point you realize that the course is real. On the other hand, if there’s definitely no data on graduated class, you can wager the course isn’t all it has all the earmarks of being from the outset.

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Do they offer job placements after the completion of the course?

Does your TEFL course offer any help whenever you have finished the course? Numerous TEFL certificate programs extend to help with exploring employment opportunities, applying, recruiting, and sorting out the best school for you. Determine the status of reviews and advantages that your TEFL course offers so you can confirm in the event that they will give you a touch of help after you’ve aced your TEFL course. 


 In brief, reputed TEFL courses are internationally accredited, are taught by university-level instructors, including lifetime Job assistance, provide professional-level training, and will help you in acquiring the best-paid teaching jobs.

Must meet the accreditation or the international standard ie 100 hours of course work and 20 hours of practicum.

Not all TEFL courses offer help after the program and that is completely OK. Some of the time it’s ideal to have some additional hand-holding in the work market abroad, however, having a TEFL course certification alone will make you attractive in the event that you need to go out and sort out some way to apply for jobs all alone.


Is TEFL certification worth it?

If you are passionate about teaching and wish to get a good teaching job then owing TEFL certification is worth it.

Which TEFL certification should I own?

The aspirants must own the TEFL certification which meets or exceeds the international standard.

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