Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the largest Indian Multinational Software, Consulting and Business Solutions Company which is currently operating in 46 countries. It has now been placed in the ‘Big 4’ and considered among the most valuable IT Brands worldwide. TCS is ranked at 10th position in Fortune India 500 list as in December 2015.

Main Focus

The main focus of Tata Consultancy Services is to ensure an effective mechanism to meet the customer requirements, through improvement in process quality. Improving the process quality implied reducing the number of defects in the process mechanism which can be attained through Henry Harvin Six Sigma implementation.

Primary Objectives in the light of six sigma implementation are

 (a) Improving On-time Delivery
 (b) Improving Product Quality
 (c) Improving In-Process Quality

Carrying Out the Six Sigma Approach

In the Global Engineering Development Centre of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS–GEDC) situated at Chennai, the Henry Harvin Six Sigma Approach is carried out in order to maintain discipline and rigorous progress in quality process. 

Henry Harvin Six Sigma Quality quantitatively means that the average process generates 3.4 defects per million units which imply almost flawless execution to achieve customer satisfaction and productivity in growth.

Reasons due to which online Six Sigma approach was adopted in TCS

      (a) Develops robust products and processes.
      (b) Reduces the waste chain.
      (c) Improves delivery and quality performance.
      (d) Affords a better understanding of customer requirements.

Six Sigma initiative started in TCS–GEDC in 1998, and, since then 10 Six Sigma projects have been successfully completed. These projects include Improvement of Schedule ComplianceQuality Compliance, Input Quality, Error Reduction, Cycle Time Reduction and Design Improvement.

TCS implemented Six Sigma Methodologies in the following areas

      (a) Six Sigma for Organizational Business Process Improvement
      (b) Six Sigma for Product Quality Improvement
      (c) Six Sigma Consultancy for Engineering Services

Benefits to TCS from Six Sigma Implementation

The thrust on Six Sigma Quality has helped in creating and maintaining customer focus in TCS-GEDC, leading to improved customer satisfaction as indicated in the feedback obtained from the customer.

 At the same time, active participation of the team members in the Six Sigma projects has evolved an environment of effective team work leading to increased productivity.

The goal is to achieve Six Sigma level not only in quality of the product but also in the other metrics of on-time delivery and compliance. Adoption of Six sigma projects have helped TCS in customer retention and even attracted a lot of customers to its existing base.

Presently, TCS – GEDC has 6 Black Belt and 30 Green Belt projects being carried out in different Business Groups. The Green Belt Projects have been derived from the analysis phase or improvement phase of the Black Belt projects.

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