With work options growing more specific, we need to be armed with an extra specialization like the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in California will give you an edge to stand out from the crowd. For instance, for those in project management, getting trained in Six Sigma certification in California will improve and widen your scope for better career options and demonstrate your effectiveness in terms of insight in business analysis and strategy.

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course will enable you to hone your skills, improve efficiency in production processes, help eliminate weaknesses, and enhance the overall production quality. So, with covid around, online programs are a boon option that we can tap into wherever placed. Let us have a quick look at the top 10 Six Sigma Certification Courses available in California.

Top 10 Six Sigma Certification Courses in California

1. Henry Harvin (Six Sigma Certification in California)

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

View Course

Ranked at number one by The Tribune, India Today, and Business Standard, Henry Harvin is ideal for Six Sigma Certification in California.
Henry Harvin’s curriculum aligns with the IASSC Book of Knowledge & ASQ. They offer a 9 in 1 course. Also, their handpicked trainers are experts in their respective domains for their in-depth working experience. For corporate training, companies can customize learning to suit their needs. Their Green belt course is of 32 hours duration and offers varied benefits. Besides you can gain expertise by studying 12 Projects and 1 Year post formal training.

In short, by choosing Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in California, you will have experienced trainers who will help you master the course and sharpen your skills regarding the methodology. They have so far trained 3 lac students in the past seven years. Subsequently, their courses offered online are varied and handy for those looking to do the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course.

After completing their Green Belt Course, students prefer to do a black belt course to hone their expertise. Meanwhile, this higher-level certification course stands up to its gold standard of delivering the best from the students. Their expert Six Sigma green belt certification course will improve your in-depth understanding of the DMAIC components and comprehensive knowledge of Six Sigma methodologies.

Also, through the execution of DMADV projects, one can upskill, giving themselves a head start over competitors.


Six Sigma Green belt Certification: INR 25,000

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification:  INR 15,000

Six Sigma Certification also visit in other states:

Minnesota, Kansas, Arizona, New York, Alabama, Washington

2. Management & Strategy Institute (MSI)

Offering the Six Sigma Certification in California for 5five weeks, the Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) provides students with intensive training in the Six Sigma principles.
With 100% of all online programs, they offer you more flexibility to plan your study and exams at your convenience. They have a unique offer. And that is you can take their white belt course for free. Besides that, this 20-minute course will help you identify whether you want to choose the MSI course that is interesting enough for you to want to improve your credentials. As a result, the institute offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days if you decide not to continue with the program.

MSI is a trade association and works to support the needs of process-oriented individuals and companies. Moreover, their certified alumni range from over 100,000 members from 34 countries worldwide. Consequently, they are an accredited BBB member with a mission statement to be highly respected and affordable.

As a known face within the Six Sigma community, with highly valued credentials for their Six Sigma Certification in California. To that end, they offer mailed transcripts and support studies using flashcards. Based in Pennsylvania, MSI is also open to providing you with unlimited attempts so that you can pass and certify. 


Lean Six Sigma Belt certified: $199.95

Six Sigma Black belt Professional: $299.95

3. Lean Sigma Corporation

The Six Sigma Course in California offered by the Lean Sigma Corporation uses multiple tools to help you learn the different processes. Moreover, through its numerous video modules, MSI continues to keep you engaged. They help you to remember, retain and recollect the lessons to be comprehended.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

View Course

With its 105 PDU’s (professional development units), the Lean Sigma Corporation’s Six Sigma Green Belt Course in California provides a wide range of training. Subsequently, these academic units will help you expand your understanding of project management requirements.
Lean Sigma Corporation’s Six Sigma Certification in California uses statistical software and multiple DMAIC practice tests. Finally, they have a full-length practice exam to strengthen your skillset. Meanwhile, their vast question bank of over 600 practice questions will improve your ability to handle eLearning modules with ease.

The point to note is that their Six Sigma Certification Course requires you to pass their final exam. Lastly, you will have ample practical training before you sit for their final certification exam. Lean Sigma’s certification courses are by far the most expensive.


Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course(instructor-led): $2,399  

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course (self-paced): $999 

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course(instructor-led): $4,599 

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification  Course(self-paced): $1,997 

4. ExpertRating (Six Sigma Certification in California)

Established in 2001, ExpertRating has certified more than 25 million professionals. Having improved the employable quality of candidates at an affordable price, they enjoy the trust of more than 6500 companies: Coke, Google, Ericsson, Convergys, UPS, GAP, Amazon, and Walmart and IKEA Systems. Generally, their professional certification will take 2-4 weeks to wrap up. At the end of the course, you will need to pass their test. ExpertRatings Six Sigma green belt certification course will cost you $99.99.

ExpertRating’s Black Belt Certification’s study material is pretty long at three hundred plus pages. However, it is suitable for those who wish to upgrade their career prospects. Getting certified professionally boosts your confidence. Consequently, you will find yourself confidently addressing work-related issues more efficiently. As a result, you will begin optimising your skills.

Since 2001, ExpertRating have trained more than three million candidates in sixty countries. Their testing system promises to be easy to use and flexible. ExpertRating offers customised services for companies and even for freelancers. Focussed on building trust, ExpertRating offers online courses, ebooks and tutorials at affordable prices.


Six Sigma Black Belt certification: $199.99

5. GoLeanSixSigma

GoLeanSixSigma is the next contender for ranking in California’s top ten of the Six Sigma Green Belt Course. The duration for Six Sigma Training in California is 32 hours and you will have to do 32 PDU’s. Certainly, you will have to complete them using the DMAIC Methodology.

They offer varied course plans. Undeniably it will work in your favour, for you will be able to plan depending on the estimated time at hand. So that you are able to pace yourself with the focus to finish the certification. Moreover, they have an exciting feature in that you will get to showcase your project results. 

Their Six Sigma Black Belt Course requires you to complete each of the sections- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and Exam- requiring a total of 48 hours to complete the training. To be sure, their Master Black belt Trainers will be available online, providing one-on-one support while doing project work. Their extensive project work will arm with live training on practically making learning effective. Certainly, with one-year training access at hand, you will be able to improve on your results.


 Six Sigma Green belt Certification Course: $ 999

 Six Sigma Green belt Certification Cours: $1999

6. Pyzdek Institute

With decades of experience behind him, Thomas Pyzdek developed this unique Six Sigma Belt Certification course. Subsequently, Thomas Pyzdek tried to ascertain why some projects emerge successful while others fail. It gave him in-depth insight.  Over time, he developed a thoroughly new approach to implement the DMAIC framework. There is an added benefit of taking this Six Sigma Green Belt Course in California. As a result, you will get trained directly by the author of the Six Sigma Handbook. It will enable you to avoid missteps.
In exploring, Six Sigma Certification in California, you will find that the Pyzdek Institute gives a two-day intensive training. Although this might be one of the toughest and the most demanding courses. Certainly, to be eligible for their project-based certification, you will need to work for companies or non-profit organisations that employ Six Sigma. 

 A unique feature of their Six Sigma green belt certification course is that on enrolling, you gain a Minitab with a one-year license. This software package is specially designed for implementing Six Sigma tools. To that end, except for White Belt, their other courses are available online. However, their Green Belt and Black Belt are pricey. 


 Six Sigma Green belt Certification Course: $ 2475

 Six Sigma Green belt Certification Cours: $3500

7. 6Sigma

6Sigma take pride in training more than five thousand organisations. They offer course training and certification, onsite, online, classroom and thorough webinars. Yet, they have a better outreach since they provide classroom courses at various locations.

In choosing the Six Sigma Green Belt Course in California, you can opt for Classroom Training in the city. To clarify, they have multiple options, and you can even opt for Virtual Training or an Online self-paced one.

To begin with, their Six Sigma Certification in California certification necessitates the completion of a live project of your choice. Instead of exams, 6Sigma will evaluate your training on the complexity of the project you have undertaken. To that end, their Six Sigma green belt certification course requires candidates to purchase the Minitab Software. It will come with a 30-day free trial option. Online Training: 80 hours (with 1-year complete access).

Put another way, their fee differs depending on the options selected ranges from $995 to $2950. They also offer an additional choice of a Live Webinar. Their certification cost will push your budget by another $500. The duration of both their Green Belt and Black Belt will be for two weeks, with a month’s break in between.


Green Belt Certification Course (Virtual Training): $2650

Green Belt Certification Course (Classroom Training): $3800

Black Belt Certification Course (Virtual Training): $2950

Black Belt Certification Course (Classroom Training): $4000

8. Benchmark Six Sigma

Benchmark Six Sigma will base itself on the fact that perfection is a constantly moving goal. Consequently, they will nudge you in the direction of creativity and innovation to tailor-make your methodology. Functioning since 2001, they customise training options for companies. To clarify, they offer an exciting opportunity to focus on problem-solving and tapping candidates’ leadership skills. Their corporate coaches and consultants come from within the industry. And facilitate the Benchmark’s Six Sigma Green Belt Course in California.

Undeniably, their USP is that they provide lifetime free excel based software to all their alumni and free webinars periodically. So then, they provide additional coaching support while implementing projects at their place of work. Their examinations are online. What is more interesting is that offer continuous access to their learning resources. 

Hence, The Six Sigma Certification in California trainees are encouraged to give themselves ample time instead of rushing through the course. As a result, it will help you gain expertise. Their clients include Google, Boeing, Adani, P& G and others. Benchmark’s Six Sigma Green Belt Course is about three weeks. At the same time, their Black Belt Certification requires 6-12 days.


 Six Sigma Green belt Certification Course: $1800

 Six Sigma Green belt Certification Cours: $3500

9. Villanova University (Six Sigma Certification in California)

Villanova University. Villanova University offers its Six Sigma Certification Course exclusively online. To be sure, they are another viable option for candidates considering adding a certification to their degree. Certainly, with his 30-year experience, Professor Marc Meissner gives weight to its formidable credibility. The added advantage of the course at Villanova University is that belts from other institutes are accepted.

To be sure, Villanova’s simulated projects will enable you to hone your skills. For example, they map the process, identify potential problems, and analyse solutions leading to efficiency in production. What’s more, there are discount options available for veterans in the fee structure. Ant to be certain, their fees are inclusive of their exam fees. Although the drawback for their course is that they don’t provide rolling start dates and the classes are pretty expensive.

Their Six Sigma Certification course in California will require eight weeks, and the Six Sigma Lean Black Belt is for 12 weeks. Their fee stricture is inclusive of the exam fees. 


Lean Six Sigma Sensei: $2295

Six Sigma Green Belt: $2495

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: $4095

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt: $3,495

10. GreyCampus

Accredited by IASSC, GreyCampus offers varied training formats, be it Online with an option of Live or Self-paced or in-person Boot Camps. The Online program includes 1-year access to all their learning resources. As a result of walking through full length simulated tests, they prepare you thoroughly for the final certification exam. So then, students tend to have an exceptional passing rate.

GreyCampus’ Six Sigma Certification in California is a relatively new player. As a matter of fact, they began in 2014. Moreover, they provide PDU’s (Professional Development Units intending to improve candidates credentials. However, their content availability is restricted for just months and doesn’t require candidates to have any work experience or prerequisites. As a result of limiting the learning experience, it kind of waters down their excellence. Although the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course in California seems to be a straightforward option with GreyCampus for their exams is conducted online.


Lean Sigma Green Belt Certification Course: $295

Additional with the Boot Camp: $1000

Lean Sigma Black Belt Certification Course: $360

Additional with the Boot Camp: $1,200

To Conclude

In choosing Six Sigma Certification in California, you stand to gain a reputation as an expert in problem-solving. Especially since there is no official standard for Six Sigma certification, confusion abounds when choosing the right course provider. 

Firstly, choose institutes accredited to the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC). Both these organisations have been recognised worldwide for their qualitative assessment and for maintaining the certification verification registry. Secondly, evaluate providers comparing them based on the quality and standard of training provided. Thirdly check their worldwide recognition and their reputation. Fourthly find If the cost of the course suits you And lastly go through the customer reviews. 

Though the Six Sigma green belt certification isn’t a must for landing a highly paid job, it adds weightage to your resume by improving your hands-on understanding. It gets you a higher pay package as a Six Sigma certified professional.

Be wise and choose global programs that are word class. And challenge to improve yourself with a continuous learning graph that helps you shine. 


Q. 1 Does the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course add value to our resume?

The answer is that the Six Sigma certification adds trust and credibility to your skills, adds weightage to your resume and provides you with the extra advantage of training. In interacting with facilitators and trainers, you will gain confidence to enhance your efficiency and reflect in your career development.
Your certification will be a matter of pride and a significant advantage in building your resume. Having a look at the job profiles in the market will convince you of the truth of the matter. Job portals reflect the growing preference of Six Sigma experience for those applying for a role in quality management. Also, there is a considerable jump in the salary structure for those with the advantage of gaining the certification. Since preferred variables are transforming, we need to step in with the times.

Q. 2 For whom does the Six Sigma certification in California add value?

Quality Management is a methodology that can apply across manufacturing industries. It also helps improve efficiency in varied fields like software, banking, telecom and financial services. Candidates in Quality Management who are looking to upskill themselves seek to equip this certification to ensure their workplace success. 
Many companies look to train their employees encouraging them to add the Six Sigma certification to their profile. Why though? They have realised that knowing the Sigma methodology will enable you to streamline all processes, increase employee efficiency, target zero wastage and generate extra revenue. So, spending money on their employees for an added certification will increase investment and prove advantageous for the industries.

Q. 3 What will be the actual impact in gaining the Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

This certification will help you in implementing quality management processes. The DMAIC methodology will enable you to recognise opportunities, prioritise possibilities and identify defects in your small-scale projects. Becoming more action-oriented will help you to sustain quality improvement and ensure compliance. You will find yourself initiating improvement measures, turning ideas into procedures. Evaluating the standard policies adopted by companies will help you zoom in on missed goals and see them accomplished.
Aspirants will also ascertain that Six Sigma places enormous demands on maintaining high-quality standards. Six Sigma requires each aspect of production management to ensure qualitative performance without deviating. And introduce corrective measures wherever necessary. Acquiring the Six Sigma green belt certification requires hard work and long hours of commitment. The completion of this certification will bring in gains on multiple fronts. With the increase in your managerial skills, your biodata will gain high value bringing with it a remarkable jump in your position, salary and job prospects. 

Q. 4 How do we choose the correct training format?

Choosing the correct format could be confusing. So let us try to comprehend what each design offers. Live online courses tend to be very interactive and less tedious. The Live Online classes, with their fixed timing, will get you to finish your systems within a standard time format. With fewer chances of procrastination, online courses also have varied dates that the candidate can choose. The Online Self-paced study is low cost since it doesn’t involve the support of a facilitator. You can opt for this format if you are short on time or low budget. You will have the freedom to space out yourself, but you will need to be genuinely committed and work hard.
Meanwhile, the Live Classroom training will bring synergy, which we have all missed since the beginning of the pandemic. Though this is the most effective way to train, its limitations lie here. This format will be the most expensive as it will require you to be present at the venue in the given days for a particular duration. So, choose as per options available at hand.

Q. 5 What are the various levels in Six Sigma Certification?

Sharing a general overview: 
White Belt: Being the primary level in Six Sigma certification, you can comprehend the basic concepts and methodology. Some certification providers include it with the Yellow Belt.
Yellow Belt: By participating in projects, you learn to apply the methodology. By learning to review process improvements, you gain a more comprehensive understanding.
Green Belt: In leading your projects, you learn to handle the various processes as a team lead.
Black Belt: Black belts test their capability by leading teams, coaching and training.
Master Black belt: Your role is that of a lead facilitator and trainer of Six Sigma Methodology. You will coach Green Belts and Black Belt across your organisation.

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