How Content Writing Books will Change Your Life Books


Mark Zuckerberg in January 2015 quoted “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse in a deeper way than most media today”.

In the era of the internet, the book still plays an important role in changing human life. It does matters a lot what kind of books one is reading. Reading a variety of books strengthens one’s vocabulary and understanding skills. Different writers have their style of writing and that’s how they put forward their message to the audience. 

Whenever we search for something we look for its content because “Content is the King”. So, as a content writer or one who is aspiring to be a content writer, reading a content writing book will definitely help in building your art to write and ace your content writing skills. There are several contents writing books in the market. Each book is designed in such a way that will help aspiring writers hone their skills. 

When one starts reading, they start to learn and that’s how one grows as an author. Reading a book is not only for gaining knowledge but also for earning a fresh insight into a particular concept. As technology is flourishing and everything is digital, content writers need to mesmerize their audience with their digital writings. 

How will you be benefitted from a Content Writing Book?

To captivate the audience’s mind a content writer must need to excel in their own writing skills and techniques by knowing their unique voice. The benefits of reading a content writing book are very significant. They are

  • About content writing: Content writing books give an overall insight into content writing. They are loaded with full information based on many case studies done by successful and experienced content writers. 
  • Different formats of content writing: There are different forms of writing like academic writing, marketing & business writing, technical writing, research writing, and many more. So by reading a content writing book will help you in how to write such pieces of writing.
  • Various content writing tools: This kind of book generally includes the usage of various content writing tools such as Grammarly for getting free from grammar errors, Small SEO tools for checking plagiarism, Thesaurus, and many more. These tools help in making the content free from errors and captivate the audience. 
  • Polishing the skills: Content writing books also helps in polishing your language skills like jargon, grammar, punctuation rules, etc. It also helps in enhancing internet skills like research, graphic, data & reporting, editing, and many more.
  • Effective writing: This kind of book also provides tips and tricks to be an efficient and effective writer. 
  • Confidence booster: Though there are many significant reasons for reading a content writing book but one thing that every writer need is a boost in their confidence. And it is fulfilled by a content writing book. 
  • Guidance for earning: A content writing book also helps as a guide to earn through writing. Some books also help in facing interviews. 

Apart from these benefits, there’s always one reason to read content writing book is to gain knowledge. 

List of Content Writing books

While discussing how specific content writing books can help in shaping one’s career, let’s get some insight into some content writing books. There’s no such thing as best in regard to books, the book differs from reader to reader. A list of content writing books has been curated as per internet research and reviews. The list will help in choosing from a wide range of books. The books are written by the most experienced and successful content writers. 

Below is the list of content writing books that can hone one’s writing skill: 

1: The Only Content Writing Handbook You’ll Ever Need by Kounal Gupta –

Kounal Gupta the CEO and Founder of Henry Harvin Education has put all his efforts to make this Content Writing Handbook the best, both for entry-level writers and for knowledgeable writers. This book is very comprehensive and practical which makes a perfect handbook for digital writers. It will help you to learn more than 30 types of content only by spending 1 hour of time in each sub-section. This Content Writing Book includes the major genres like Technical Writing, Creative Writing, Research Writing, SEO Writing, E-Book Writing, and White Papers. 

The author is personally involved in the Henry Harvin Education’s Certified Digital Content Writing course. The book includes almost everything that a modern content writer needs. He has included techniques, tips & tricks, tools, strategies, and the best practices in this book. He has also included detailed guidance related to how to get online content writing jobs. So, why wait, if this fascinates you, then you mustn’t waste time grabbing it.

2: Everybody Writes by Ann Handley –

Ann Handley is the writer of the book Everybody Writes – Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content. She is the co-author of Content Rules, a 

speaker, and also the world’s first Chief Content Officer. This book is highly recommended for those who have just started content writing. The book won’t be a perfect guide for beginners but a must-have for the ones who have started writing. 

The author provides expert guidance and perspective into the process and the strategies to create content, produce, and publish. The sections are designed in such a way that it focusses on how to write better content with proper use of grammar and techniques. This guide helps in analyzing the marketing structure as the author herself is a marketing veteran. The book provides A to Z guide to write good content which every digital writer requires. The book can be easily found in various online stores. 

3: Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works by Janice (Ginny) Reddish –

If you are looking for a book that provides both pieces of knowledge about the website’s content strategy and also about search engine optimization (SEO) then this is the book you need to grab. The author Janice (Ginny) Reddish is a well-known expert on information design, has perfectly thrown light on various interactive technologies and how to attract most of the traffic. With the evolution of time and technology, one must be updated with sophisticated versions. This content writing book can be considered as a perfect book to gain knowledge about a website’s content strategy and also includes social media. 

This book has two editions and it will be best if one goes with the second, as it includes more insight into content writing. This book will help to plan, organize, design, write, and test the web content that will attract web traffic. It provides clearly explained guidelines in an easy-read style and provides tips on making better web content.

4: Joanna Penn’s How to Make a Living with Your Writing –

A writer can earn well if they write well but for that, they need a guide to growing. The book How to Make a Living with Your Writing by Joanna Penn comes as a guide to earn well in this profession. Her long exposure in writing books and blogging for many years has self-taught the author to impart tips on using words to attract the audience. 

The author has shared her experience in this book on how to make a six-figure income by blogging, marketing, and writing books in an ethical way. She also shares many tips on how to publish including an ebook, a print book, and also an audiobook. This book is very readable and also carries a personal tone as she dealt with what works with hard work and whatnot. 

5: Lynda Felder’s Writing for the Web –

Content writing is all about writing for the web or on the digital platform. Through this book, the author Lynda Felder has focussed on the need to create spellbinding web content and also tried to provide invaluable guidance on how to be successful on it. This book will guide you in everything you want to know about effective web content. 

The author has 15+ experience in this field and it’s easy to follow her guidelines as it provides ample examples. This book is beginner-friendly and effectively communicates information to the targeted readers.  This content writing book is acclaimed as a beginner’s guide as it provides clear and crisp ideas along with a fun and practical approach to web writing. 

6: Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose by Lara Casey – 

Lara Casey considered herself to be flawed, has a satisfactory life as a mother, a grateful spouse, and a working lady. She decided to give up on her fear and worked on something useful to do. Though this book isn’t a perfect guide for content writing but a must-have for aspiring content writers who are holding up on something, tired of multitasking, and not letting it go. 

One who is looking for perfection, bouncing into different endeavors, breaking the monotonous work pressure, this book can guide one to break it and choose content writing as a career. To do something best one needs confidence and this book helps as a guide to boost up one’s confidence in their interests. 

7: Joanna Penn’s The Successful Author Mindset – 

Another book by Joanna Penn comes up in the content writing book list as it provides insights on how the right mindset can help a writer serve accurate content. The correct mindset is very much essential as a writer, this book speaks about the mental health concerns of a writer and how to take care of them. 

The book starts with the fear of being judged and getting rejected, about criticism and self-doubt. It also states the genuine problems of digital content writers. This book is beginner-friendly and also for amateur writers, as it addresses many problems faced by writers and how to overcome this. This is one of the must-reads for aspiring content writers. 

8: The Content Code by Mark W Schaefer –

Another content writing book that makes up the must-read list is The Content Code by Mark W Schaefer. This book is very essential for those who want to understand the role of Content Writing Marketing and also necessary techniques that can be used by the writers to the end process. This book has been awarded as the best SEO book by Book Authority and also ranked among the Top 5 Business Books by INC Magazine. 

This content writing book is all about understanding the broad concept of Content Marketing in Writing. The 6 specified codes of marketing are beyond general norms and strategies. One who is looking for getting an insight into content marketing in writing is a must-have. 

9: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – 

Gary Vaynerchuk is known to be a motivational speaker who upfront statements by clearly defining business using the best content. The owner and CEO of  VaynerX, a media company in New York brought up a unique idea in his content writing book. 

The book focuses on a lot of storytelling format as for him it is not limited to writing blog posts or a book. This book also tells how the content structure is important to interact with the audience. Therefore this is one of the recommended must-reads of content writing. 

10: The Idea Writers – Copywriting in a New Media and Marketing Era by Teressa Iezzi – 

Another book that makes up the list of must-reads is The Idea Writers by Teressa Iezzi. This book is written by focussing the writers who try to indulge in any creative work. 

The book focuses on the aspects of copywriting and also deals with content writing advertising. This book provides an idea to understand advertising and marketing of content. The book becomes helpful to amateur and professional writers in creating content that provides purpose and value to the consumer. 

Apart from this list, there are various books like 

  • The Scribe Method by Tucker Max & Zach Obront
  • Six-Figure Blogging Blueprint by Raza Imam 
  • Self Discipline for Writers by Mathew Meadow
  • The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand 
  • Successful Self-publishing by Joanna Penn
  • Make money as a Freelance Writer by Sally Miller & Gina Horkey 


In this digital world, content writers are in huge demand. The scope of a content writer is infinite and the money-making is also good but the competition is huge too. So it demands the content writer be more adept, proficient, and updated. In this scene, while working as a freelancer or writing for your own website, or creating content, many writers get stuck.

That’s when one needs the content writing books as a guide to accomplish their aspirations.  For some language isn’t a barrier in creating content but they struggle to make an impact on attracting traffic, then these books are a perfect guide. 

All books are best in their course to read as a content writer but may not be beneficial to all aspiring writers.

That’s when you need to grab another book of your choice, and the list serves the purpose. Some books are for a specific genre and some are about commercial aspects. By taking help from this list of must-reads one can learn to deliver a road map for the betterment of the content. 

Content writing books helps individuals for a worthier comprehensive style of what they are looking for which results in drastic development of their career. Anybody interested in writing can turn to be a content writer if they can pull an audience. As the art of writing relies mainly on reading one must be updated and read continuously. 

Thus while purchasing any of the content writing books one must know what kind of book they are looking for or might get disappointed. A content writing book is a must-have for every content writer or aspiring writer. 


Q1: What is content writing?

Ans: The process of planning, organizing, writing, and editing web content is known as content writing. It is mainly for digital purposes.

Q2: What are the skills required to be a content writer?

Ans: The necessary skills are the ability to research, time management, originality, editing,  adaptability, communication, and knowledge of social media.

Q3: Can a content writing book help in guiding?

Ans: Yes, definitely a content writing book helps as a guide to aspiring writers. One must choose the book wisely.

Q4: What is Search Engine Optimization writing?

Ans: It is the implementation of key phrases and keywords in web content. It is used to increase the site’s organic visibility and attracting traffic.

Q5: How to attract search engines to websites?

Ans: Proper usage of keywords and key phrases helps in attracting search engines to websites.


A keen researcher who can write custom content with the Passion of educating people. Post graduate in Commerce, specialised in Marketing and Management. Certified as a Digital Content Writer from Henry Harvin Education and in Digital Marketing Analytics. Have a full time B.Ed and also certified in DCA & Tally. Also possess 4+ years in teaching.

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