CFA is commonly known as Chartered Financial Analyst. In the field of finance around the world this position is the most respected one. As a CFA candidate should possess extensive knowledge and skills in the field of investment and financial management.

The number of eligible candidates for this role has increased whereas the finance companies have just started to grow in our country India. But for the finance experts to witness a possible future, a larger demand of finance experts who are skilled in their work is needed.

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CFA Salary In India

Being a Chartered Financial Analyst, a certification which is provided specifically by the country USA. Getting a job in this role is not hard as we all know how the banking industry provides salary. In the USA, an average person working in a bank with some work experience can earn up to US$200,000.

When an employee joins as a fresher for the CFA role in a finance company initially for the first 3 to 4 years in their career, they need to focus on proving themselves and showing good results and produce higher revenue for the company and after that once we reach a certain good calibre in their company and the growth become steady, then they will be able to earn the amount that is rightly provided to them.

Approximately the calculation made for every level of CFA been cleared is as follows, the annual salary in Indian rupee or a level one candidate would be for about 3,00,000 to 4.5,00,00 per annum, for a level two candidate they would be able to earn up to 6,00,00 per annum and in level three candidate will be able to earn more than 10,00,00 per annum.

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Only if you start moving forward and trying to reach the top, the top as in reaching a certain level. Then only you will start to see something actually happening in your career as a CFA. For each level, you need to clear the respective examinations and tests conducted at renowned institutions. This would help you to grow along with gaining experience in this beautiful journey.

CFA Expertise and its Benefits

If you are a CFA certified candidate who has experience more than 15 years in your respective finance field then this will make you an annual income holder of more than 50 lakhs in our country India. As you keep on growing in the field at a higher speed for Promotion, you would reach this state.

After a few years of working with exponential growth, you will move to level one. There you get to the point which makes people start recognizing you for the hard work. The hard work that you have put in to come up to this point in your career. Once you reach this level you can start preparing yourself to reach level two and level three simultaneously. Reaching those levels would not be as hard as reaching level one.

The data is produced based on the work experience, personality, employment on a firm basis, skills set et cetera.

If you are comfortable at your own level then you cannot expect a hike in your salary or your post. If you have a goal to reach grow higher in life. It you will be able to reach level three and move up and move up.

Scope of CFA in India

The person who is completely responsible for managing an organisation’s fund asset by developing and implementing, managing and controlling all the activities that happen around them is known as a portfolio manager. But a CFA employee in India can get a good compensation of more than 6.5 lakhs per annum. 

The type of a manager who manages the whole unit by controlling and taking risk in order to help the organization that they work for to grow exponentially is typically known as a risk manager. A person who is certified and qualified as a CFA comes under the position of risk manager. If he or she is able to acquire certain skills sets and knowledge that the CFA holds. 

As a risk manager if they should be able to make diplomatic decisions among their employees. They should be very good at negotiating both with the management policy and with the other departments. Should possess high quantitative and numerical skills. Then becoming a CFA With all those above skills in our country would be a very high demanding position. That person would be able to earn more than 10,00,00 per annum.

In a financial company a person who is able to put together and analyse the data which are upcoming and ongoing in the latest trends of the market based on the different products and services in which able to present the same to their customers are known as market research analysts. If they are able to acquire the CFA certification with their graduation degree they will to collect data, assimilate statistic. This is for the sake of clients providing them with data, managing the budget, conducting surveys et cetera. Then their potential and scope grow higher and they will be able to earn up to nine lakh per annum.

Scope Summarization

A person who is able to analyse the financial information, provide recommendations with excellent interpersonal skills and who is able to meet a good rapport with their clients is eligible to become a private banker. If they are one already, They would have a chance of enhancing their earnings and register themself as a student under a reputed organisation by creating a bridge between the teachers and the students by solving all their problems in a financial, economic manner. They also have a scope of becoming a CFA certified officer once they crack the tough examinations.

People working in a private equity bank can also complete the certification. From the above details it is clear that the CFA certification is of huge value in any finance related banking companies or organisations. If you are a person who thinks outside the box, a person who would like to gain more knowledge even if it exceeds the syllabus of CFA such as financial modelling, pitch books et cetera then you would be able to reach a height that no one will be able to touch.

CFA Course at Henry Harvin

There is the institute known as “Henry Harvin education”. There all the classes are conducted in a two way live interactive online classroom session. Students who study there are provided with life projects, internships, placement opportunities, boot camps, hackathons. All of the above are provided before getting the final completion certification. For this CFA course, the trainers and faculty members available at this institute have over 18 years of expertise. We have also been able to deliver more than 550 lectures within the Henry Harvin Finance Academy.

Because of their strong alumni network of more than three lakh worldwide. The candidates who completed the course at this institute doesn’t have to worry about getting placed in the top companies. They also provide gold membership to their students to gain access to an e-learning system and other benefits for 12 months. The job opportunities available in and around the world will be posted to every student individually on a weekly basis. This helps them get the right company that could help them build their career.

Benefits of learning CFA with HH

The CEO of Henry Harvin education is Mr. Kounal Gupta. He has helped get the right education for their students for the past eight years. They have a website that contains a lot of courses which are related to your field and interest.

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This is an institute which is very well recognized around the globe. This is why they have gained a lot of partners and affiliation with the American Association of EFL. They have more than 1400 Google reviews, more than 4.5 rating on the Goa board, more than 200 YouTube testimonials. This proves that they are the best at what they do and that would be educating the world.

The benefits a student gets after completing the CFA course with Henry Harvin is that of the international brands and millions of jobs globally available. The jobs include Google, Amazon et cetera along with highly paid freelance opportunities as well are available here.

Overview of the CFA course

The CFA course is provided with three modules of learning called levels. Two additional Complimentary modules to develop your extracurricular skills such as soft skill development, resume writing, interview skills, interpersonal skills et cetera are also provided at this institute.

Once you complete the course and share your certification in social media platforms and job portals Like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn et cetera you will be recognised instantly and job opportunities would come rushing towards you. At Henry Harvin they do have other courses related to CFA and since day one have a finance Academy separately for the finance department, you can choose the right job that suits you for a steady growth.

In your free time if you visit their website you will be able to find all the details related to the course and how it will be useful for you and also you will be able to download the brochure for that particular course which has details of the syllabus that are taught for this course at that institute. You will also have an option to talk to the expert who will guide you accordingly and also attend a demo class with them. The fee for this course is nominal and quite affordable as well.


Here is a list of some of the top employers specifically for the role of CFA,

  1. United bank of Scotland (UBS)
  2. HSBC
  3. Citigroup
  4. Barclays
  5. Wells Fargo
  6. Morgan Stanley
  7. Goldman Sachs
  8. Standard Chartered
  9. Deutsche bank
  10. Merrill Lynch
  11. Bajaj Finance
  12. General Atlantic

The above list is the top investment banking firms and other normal banking firms who hire the CFA certified employers in their company to gain a growth like never seen before.

Some of the roles in which CFA is most eligible are as follows,

  • Research Analyst
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Advisory
  • Consultancy
  • Trading asset classes
  • Investment banking 
  • Corporate Finance
  • Merchant Banking 
  • Buy side research

With the help of this year’s free certification you’ll be able to gain practical knowledge along with actionable skills if you learn this course at the right Institute. You can also learn about ethics and the challenges that are required for a financial analysis and to deal with quantitative concepts on a daily basis.

The financial reporting procedure, reporting standards, financial statement analysis et cetera are all some of the benefits that you will gain if you become a certified CFA with the help of Henry Harvin education.

The basic concepts of corporate governance and stakeholder management along with the whole concept of equity investments Are all provided to you in one big frame Which helps you to maintain a good portfolio about yourself which allows you to grow higher and reach more than level three in your career as a CFA certified employee in the financial field.


CFA is one amazing certification that anyone who is currently working in a finance department should not miss the chance of ever becoming one. The skill set, abilities, knowledge one means for their career growth in terms of becoming a successful chartered Financial and hours may seem too tough at times but would be the best decision for you and your family.

If you do get free time thinking to do this certification and are looking for The perfect educational Centre or institute to complete this course I would request you to visit Henry Harvin’s website where you will be able to find the brochure and the curriculum for this particular course and if you find appealing you can move forward with it. If you have a goal or a dream or a target in life please don’t let anything come in the way to take you away from the path towards the same.


Q1. What is CFA?

A person who has extensive knowledge in the field of Finance and Investment banking is known as a CFA.

Q2. How many levels are available in the posting of CFA?

A total of 3 levels are available where 3 being the top most level with the highest paying salary.

Q3. Which is the best institute to be learning CFA?

The best institute to be learning CFA is at “Henry Harvin Education”.

Q4. What would be the maximum salary a CFA could get?

The CFA could get a maximum salary of upto 15 Lakh per annum.

Q5. Name some of the companies that has a CFA.

Citi Group, HSBC, Morgan Stanley etc.

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