An electronic engineer nowadays lead into directions of automotive industry like engine control units, indicators, air-conditioning, safety systems, braking systems and various other infotainment systems. The Nut’s and bolts of Six Sigma In electronic engineering becomes extremely critical to realizing fewer defects and thus lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The technicians, students , managers who work under high tech complex electronic devices, there for them six sigma is extremely beneficial in the sense that it helps them breaking down task into much simplifier form thus reducing re-work and wastages. It is believed that electronic engineers are the best benefitted from Six Sigma training as they learn to cope up with complex devices in this competitive high-tech arena.

Often it is been observed a mis-match in customers desire and reality in electronic items because of its performance, assembling and various other factors like defects and competiveness in the saleable price. Six Sigma helps eliminating all these with production processes efficiency to increase stability as per customer feedback, it also improves automotive park efficiency and helps find and manage Bottlenecks in the organisation.

Customer is God, he/she is right even if they are wrong, the Six Sigma processes helps reducing complaints and its step approach is extremely useful in handling all types of customer’s complaints.

More and More Electronic engineers are deploying Six Sigma methodology as it lays down simplified procedures in tracking defects and is beneficial in maintaining cause and effect relation among software’s and hardware’s during manufacturing thus increasing production with reduced cost.

Since Electronic engineering is all about patching, mixing with cause and effect relation between nut and bolts, software’s and hardware’s, The Six Sigma really helps budding professional of the industry in Developing in leadership and team-building skills necessary to oversee continuous improvement in projects .All in All with Six Sigma the Career for electronic engineering graduates could be transformed from automotive to utilities.

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