Social media marketing is a valuable platform for marketers to promote their business and attract loyal customers. 

According to Social Media Examiner report, 8 out of 10 marketers accepted that social media has enhanced their internet traffic. Well, social media marketing really works, but only for a small number of businesses. 

“While almost every business uses social media, only a few use it efficiently. As a result, despite spending a lot of resources, they obtain minimal results.”
 – Harsh Chopra, Social Media Specialist

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One of the best ways to increase efficiency is to employ special social media tools.  Here are 7 tools to promote, share, and optimize your SEO content:

Tool#1: CoSchedule

If you use Twitter extensively for content promotion and write blogs on WordPress, CoSchedule is a useful tool for you. The tool can turn your post into tweetable content for your followers to read and share. 

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This tool can push your content to the top rankings in search results. It has a flexible filtering mechanism that retains only valuable topics based on traffic, word count, shares, date, etc. and remove the rest. You can view SEO metrics for each post and track its success over time.

Tool#3: Hootsuite

This is a social media management platform for planning and posting content. You can prepare your posts and schedule them in advance, without worrying about forgetting to post them.

When it is time to publish, HootSuite will notify you. Social media platforms are swarming with posts and this tool will remind you to post content regularly.

Tool#4: Buzzstream

If you want to reach the right audience, and in abundance, you’ll probably need key industry influencers to promote your work. Buzzstream can help you find social media accounts and contact information of these influential content marketers.

You can use this platform to collaborate with them and drive brand awareness.  

Tool#5: MeetEdgar

Ran out of fresh content to publish on social media profiles? Don’t panic. Use MeetEdgar to recycle your old posts when don’t have new content to post. This tool helps ensure that your posting list is never empty.

After all, it’s better to recycle old posts than not posting anything at all. Edgar’s auto-scheduler pulls new content from your library and posts it the right order for you.

Tool#6: Google Search Console

You need to constantly monitor the traffic to your website and Google Search Console can help you do that. It provides a detailed analysis on your blog visits based on the country and device.

“Google Search Console is a valuable tool for social media marketers. You can find out what your readers are searching for and spruce up the posts that lack traffic by inserting links from other posts or sites.”

– Bina Jain, Content Marketer.

Tool#7: Buffer

Buffer helps you to schedule and manage your posts as well as determine which time of day or week is optimum for publishing new content. You can use it’s image-enhancing tool (Pablo) to add some effects and text on your images.

With its visual reports and engagement tracking metrics, you can see which posts are getting maximum traffic and create your new posts similarly.


Social media tools can help optimize your efforts and obtain better engagement and conversions. Use these tools to save time and get more traffic to your website.

Similarly, we also have brilliant tools for content editing which helps us makes our content more interesting and boost our engagement.

What is Social media in simple words?

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Social media refers to applications and websites which is based on interactive computer mediated technologies used to share a real time content more quickly and efficiently. for eg, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube

What is the importance of the social media?

Social media plays an important role in developing customer relationship with pre existing customers and in generating new leads. It is a cost effective approach that increase brand awareness and brand visibility. It provides a real time feedback from the peopla about any product or services. It is a quick means of creating and sharing your content. It helps in targating and attracting your audience. it shows the world who you are by showcasing your ability. It makes you understand the importance of the diverse content on the different social media platform. Thus, content writing on social media is also of almost importance.

Name few must have social media marketing tools for 2020?

Social media is a platform where we can share our content more easily, quickly and efficiently. Like any other strategy, social media marketing strategy is also delivered on a srong and clear vision. It needs to be carefully crafted measured and implemented. It has to be loaded with the latest trends tools and techniques. Like Buffer, Biteable, BuzzSumo, MissingLettr, MeetEdgar, HootSuite, Mention, Sumo, IFTTT, Zapier, AdEspresso, Bitly, Rebrandly, etc

What is the benefit of analyzing social media traffic?

Social Media traffic is tracked with the help of Google Analytics. The benefit of analyzing traffic on your website is: 1- It helps in identifying which social media platform drives more traffic towards your business and which one needs more attention. 2- It helps you to figure out if you are delivering unique and excellent content and if you are targeting the right audience or not. 3 – A ratio of New visitors with the return visitors can easily be analyzed.


  1. Your blog post has immense quality content on digital marketing topics. Very good post and keep posting more like this.

  2. Your blog post has immense quality content on digital marketing topics. Very good post and keep posting more like this.

  3. Your blog post has immense quality content on digital marketing topics. Very good post and keep posting more like this.

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