I’m Vinish from Kerala. I recently completed my MBA. During the lockdown, my classes were all online. This left me feeling unsatisfied. It wasn’t enough for me. My goal was to find new options to advance my career and to make my time more productive. As part of my MBA degree, I began searching for the best courses. This led me to the SAP PM Course. I did extensive research to learn more about the course. 

SAF seamlessly aligns, collaborates, and delivers multiple agile teams, paving the way to organizational success. SAFe® is a set of principles, practices, and competencies for achieving business agility by integrating Lean, Agile, and DevOps. As soon as I learned the benefits of acquiring the course, I felt self-motivated to enrol in it. I then had the task of finding out which education institute would be the best for studying this. I spent two days doing this. 

Eventually, Henry Harvin Institute fixed it for me. Among their modules are lean-agile mindset, ARTs, Agile Portfolio, and more. Those who take these modules will have a better understanding of managing large agile projects. I am very impressed with the quality of teaching. There were no boring lectures. Videos were available for students to watch. Students appreciated the modules discussed in class. 

Henry Harvin was a great teacher for me and I appreciate everything he taught me. Grateful!!

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