Being a statistician, it was very challenging to keep up with the updated version of knowledge and you need to have great Analytical as well as logical skills. Working for a year, I realized that I need to focus on my growth, learn all the innovative solutions and topics to get perfect in my work. After being suggested by one of my friends, I looked for the Data Science course with R over the internet and found the most amazing and top Courses. The Data Science course with R by Henry Harvin had attracted me to apply for this course as it was very advantageous with advanced teaching methodology.


I got to discover the strategies and techniques for data visualization and communication skills that are very essential to perform well in the market. I Improved my decision-making as it is another important skill that is required to have to pursue a career as a Data Analyst.

The Data Science course with R is of 24 hours live online interactive classroom sessions and the Bootcamps spread over the next 12 months. The mentors of this course are very cooperative and talented. They provide you with their real-life experiences and strategies for the practicality of the context. It was fun getting trained under their guidance.

This course benefited me with job opportunities and helped me to kick start my career again. I would suggest this course to everyone who is struggling just like I was. This course is the solution to your problems and is very interesting and useful.

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