I am a software developer and need to develop scalable powered algorithms on a daily basis. But a few months ago, I came to realise that my skills are lacking in my aspects. After so much confusion and discussion my seniors suggested to me and my team to go for the Natural Language Processing Course by Henry Harvin. 

After enrolling in this course by Henry Harvin,we got to study about how to  be  proficient in NLP Modules such as Speech Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, and lemmatization. This was a great session which covered most of the important topics and is very much useful.

I am grateful to learn by all the trainers with 18+ experience in the Industry with Global Certification and are expertised in their field. I got versed in concepts like Machine translation, Neural Models, Deep Semantic Similarity Models (DSSM), and more.In order to get the practical knowledge Henry Harvin provides you with an internship. The free access to Hackathons and competitions is something that will boost your knowledge and interest.

I am glad to get fantastically Great knowledge with easy learning style and practical presentation.The Natural Language Processing Course by Henry Harvin gave me pure joy and allowed me to improve my CV with technical and professional development.Now I am confident about my enhanced skills which will be helpful in my work. This is an awesome course, I would recommend it to those who are interested in Natural Language Processing.


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