When I was pursuing BBA, I attended a session on data science. After attending the session, I was amazed to discover the perks of data science and I found it very useful and interesting to learn. From that day. I always wished to have a career in data science. After completing the integrated BBA + MBA I was confused about Opting for a job or going for data science. After some confusion and discussions, I decided to go for data science. After consulting with my seniors they suggested that I should apply for R programming for Data Science and they also recommended me to the Henry Harvin institute. I enrolled myself in the R Programming for Data Science by Henry Harvin.

I would like to thank Henry Harvin for offering me the opportunity to inculcate all the knowledge by offering the R Programming for Data Science course. This course gave me ample opportunities to grow and learn with enthusiasm. The R programming concepts such as data types, vectors, and indexing as well as introduce participants to performing data operations in R including Data wrangling, and making plots.

The sessions were beneficial. The trainers here are very intelligent and have 10+ years of experience. They always motivated us to give our best and their teaching methodology is quite smooth and efficient. This course provides job opportunities globally.

I would recommend this course to those who are willing to have a career in data science. The R Programming for Data Science is one of the best courses I came across so far.

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