All my summer vacations are usually about going to many classes. This year I completed my 12th exams and I wanted to apply for some new course so I searched for the Spanish Language course on the Internet. I wanted to learn something different,  so I searched a lot about different courses. Then I have a look at different language courses. I have also asked my brother about, he suggested me about Spanish Course. Then he looked up some courses on the internet and he read a blog about some Spanish B1-B2 courses by an institute called Henry Harvin.

We have liked the blog and further went to the course page and read about the course in detail too. We were very impressed with it as it gave a glimpse into the Spanish Language course. We asked our parents and advised them to get me enrolled in that course. My parents liked the idea very much and I got admission into the course. My specialization was learning something different and I got the right opportunity.                                 

In the Training session, I learnt about concepts like Writing, reading, listening and talking in Spanish Language skills. When my specialization, which was learning started I got introduced to terms like alphabets, numbers and grammar in the Spanish language. At first, I found the concepts a bit difficult as it was new to me but thanks to our trainer as they had helped me to understand the concepts t. Luckily, I have also had my brother guide me. It was my best summer vacation to date as I learned a new language. All thanks to Henry Harvin.

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