Since the beginning of middle school, I had been very passionate about coding and programming. I was first introduced to Java in my 9th grade at school. As we delved deeper into the concepts, I felt myself falling for the language even more. That is when I decided to take this Java Foundation with DS and Algo Combo course from Henry Harvin.

There were various modes of learning. I had opted for the live online training sessions for 100 hours. As the course progressed, I could feel the importance of every second. The trainer was an expert and never hesitated to clear our doubts. There were brushup sessions to keep us on track with all the new knowledge. After the completion of the training period,  an examination was held and certificates were issued based on the results. If you pay full attention to the lectures, the test will be a piece of cake.

In no time I was proudly flaunting my certificate. Also teachers at my school were impressed by my advanced knowledge. This course will be perfect for anyone wanting to choose a branch of computer science as their career. Even people with prior knowledge of Java can try this course to enhance their opportunities.

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