I always wanted to begin my career in the Data Analyst field. So when I completed my graduation in Maths. I was looking for courses in the Data Analytics domain. As getting trained from the recognized institute is of much importance for it gives the right direction to your career. After my research, I find the Henry Harvin Post Graduate Data Analyst program to be the most relevant for building your career.

The course will help you to build a strong data analytics foundation with the analytics fundamentals. The course will help you in earning the various essential skills which are required for becoming a Data Analyst. This is the value for time, effort, and money course.

The curriculum of the course is systematically arranged and is divided into 9 important course modules. With three important Elective modules. I have some knowledge of programming language, but with limited programming language also the trainer makes the learner understand the concept related to Data Science very well.

The teaching methodology of the trainer is perfect. With their way of teaching difficult concepts can be understood easily. They also give knowledge about practical projects in Power BI, Tableau, SQL, and more to provide the learner with hands-on experience.

The training duration of the course is 6 months. After the course completion Bootcamp sessions are there for 12 months and the revision of the learning. The certification of the course provided by the institute is much helpful in the selection of your profile from another person during the job interview.

The course has trained me to be eligible for a wide range of opportunities worldwide that demands specialization. With their placement department guidance, I am now looking forward to grasping a good job opportunity. And I am very thankful to the institute and trainers for making me eligible.  

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