When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the whole world, everything started depending on the digital medium, from the schools to the industries, everyone made their work digitized. I had just graduated and due to the situation campus placements were also cancelled. I decided to look for a professional certification course as I wanted to make my resume a bit more valuable than others as there was high demand for skilled professionals.

I learnt about the industry 4.0 Specialist course on the internet. I had a little knowledge about the course that dealt with cloud computing, IOTs, etc. It was an 8-hour course which could easily fit in my schedule. I chose Henry Harvin after looking at their benefits and reviews.

This was my first online training after graduation and I was maybe not so sure what to expect and how it would end up. I initially took some time to adjust but since it was an 8-hour course and I had taken membership; I could listen to the live classes any number of times with any batch. After the training, there was a bootcamp session arranged by the institute for a year too. The training ended with the online assessment at the end of the course and I had cleared it with good grades.

The soft skills development modules after the completion of syllabus added a spark to their training. I am very happy to share that it had been a wonderful learning experience at Henry Harvin right from the backing team which helped me in enrolling to the trainers. A great course!



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