I am a commerce graduate. I tried to appear for MBA entrance exams like the CAT and the CET. However, I was unsuccessful in both of them. I have got my BCom degree but I do not know what to do next. I want to do something that can give me a job and make me employable immediately. Can someone give me a suggestion as to what I can do?

I will collect all your suggestions and then give them a deep thought before I can decide on my final course of action. People who would like to suggest a course of action can do so on my email id given at the bottom of this review.

I asked this question to a few people who were my well-wishers. They told me to go through SMED course certification reviews from Henry Harvin institute.  When I asked them about the details, they launched into a big tirade. They said that a qualification in SMED course certification reviews from Henry Harvin was a top-ranked course. Moreover, this course was giving 100% interview guarantee post qualification.

Moreover, a student will get live-online instructor-led SMED training. They also promised personalized job support. This course will give you a qualification to qualify for the credentials of a certified SMED specialist. Truly speaking Henry Harvin is the best-known institute for this course. I took all the suggestions of my well-wishers and decided to do some brainstorming alone in my room. Finally, I decided to do the SMEDcourse certification course at Henry Harvin.

The fees were hefty, however, the benefits post qualification were also numerous. Therefore, I did not grudge the money. First, I went to their local office and found out information about post-qualification job support. They were providing that. So I was assured that they will provide job placement assistance post qualification.

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