My dream is to work in top IT companies and take up new and exciting projects. For this dream to come true, I felt that I should work harder and equip myself with strong knowledge about how things work. A single undergraduate degree in computer science would not be sufficient as I was not so confident with modern technologies. Therefore, to gain complete knowledge, I felt that Henry Harvin’s training courses would be the most appropriate. 

The reason I like to take up courses from Henry Harvin is because every course is inexpensive and you get a complete knowledge about the domain. As I wanted to master the IT domain, I selected the COBIT 5 training course, a 9 in 1 course covering the different aspects of IT and business. This course had so many positive reviews and the success stories of the alumni were very inspiring. I started taking up the training online after completing the registration process. 

During the training, I learnt about the COBIT 5 models and its objectives. The educators were very patient and explained everything clearly. If we missed to follow the concepts, the educators would repeat the concept with different examples for our understanding. Apart from this, recorded videos of the sessions were also available in their e-learning platform that can be accessed conveniently. 

I got several internship opportunities and this was my first step towards my big dream. During internships, I got the chance to implement all that I learnt and get a good experience. I thank Henry Harvin for helping me work towards my dream.

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