I completed my first online course with Henry Harvin, which was a course on Machine Learning with Python. This online training was way more valuable to me than I expected. The training I received here literally astonished me. The trainers at the institute were among the best parts of the institute. In their assignments and projects, they provided us with real world experiences while teaching us everything efficiently. In order to enhance my resume and expand my technical skills, I sought a good opportunity. I think taking Henry Harvin’s Fundamentals of Python programming, Data Structures in Python, Linear Regressions, Clustering, and so on, has really helped me. I am absolutely pleased with what I learned from this course.

The classes were conducted online via live mode and included 32 hours of training, with 24 hours of brush-up sessions and also 50 hours of e-learning access. The program offered flexible training, which allowed us to complete it at our own pace. We had students of all educational backgrounds in our class, so it was a very diversified experience. I learned a lot from them. During the first training session, the trainer introduced us to python and then took us through the topics of the curriculum.

Beginning with the enrolment process and ending with the certification process, everything was followed in a systematic fashion. I am certain that this course will benefit many others like me and I can attest to its effectiveness. Overall, it was an excellent experience. Thus, I would recommend this course. Thanks!


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