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Hola a Todos, I work as a travel agent. I am well-versed and fluent in German and French. My job profile demands fluent speaking of at least 3 foreign languages. One among them being Spanish. I was looking for a  Spanish language course when I came across Henry Harvin Spanish Language Training Course. They have all 5 levels of training and I got enrolled in the B1 level or The Intermediate level. 

I am acquainted with a bit of  Latin Language, I couldn’t speak in Spanish though. The 40 hours of rigorous training and interactive sessions online laid the foundation for my stronghold in the Spanish Language. The feature that helped me the most are the recorded video sessions of our training. As we all know,  to master a language we need to practice a lot. That is what those video lessons gave me. Isn’t it awesome to get lifetime access to these video lectures? Moreover, the Internships are those extra foredeals where we develop more affinity to the Spanish language. Henry Harvin Spanish Language Training Course is the best online Spanish Language course in India. 

The guidance given to me helped me secure a good score in obtaining the grade of ‘apt’ in the  DELE B1 exam. Thanks to Henry Harvin Spanish Language training course, my CV is filigreed with another of my achievements and last month I got promoted with a huge hike in my salary.

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