1.   After having experience in Family Business. I was lacking some customer management,  but after completing the SAP CRM Course in Henry Harvin I came across some better experience in Customer management. Henry Harvin teaches the best tools for customer management like customer analytics, Marketing in Social media,  collaboration etc. Which helped a lot in managing the business. This course also includes some Management strategies like customer interaction strategy,  Customer leadership management,  customer contact management etc. This course also helps to manage customers on social media handles like Instagram,  Facebook etc.

This course will help to increase customer retention. This course will help to train you to develop a strong bond with customers and to increase loyalty towards your customers. This course will also help to increase your sales by marketing. This course will help to maintain your customer satisfaction as well. This will also help to work smartly too. 

SAP CRM Course in Henry Harvin includes all the types of CRM like Sales CRM, Marketing CRM, Service CRM, and e-commerce.  Sales CRM tools also have automation tools that are very helpful for your business. Marketing CRM will give you a unique experience. Service CRM will help to make fewer errors in business. E-commerce will help to develop business on the internet. So all types of CRM will help to grow your business. 

So I strongly recommend you to go through this course if you want to do a large scale business.  It will help you to develop your business from every side. 

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