Henry Harvin’s Business Analytics certification course with Python was the first course I completed virtually, and I was very impressed with their training. It is great that their trainers are so efficient in explaining everything. In my last year of graduation, I began looking for an opportunity to sharpen my resume as I was looking to begin my career. My time, effort, and money were totally rewarded after I took the Business Analytics certification with Python training from Henry Harvin.

The classes were held virtually and consisted of 32 hours of live online classroom sessions, which included 24 hours of brush-up sessions and various assessments. We had the option of completing the course at our own pace. Among the students in our batch, a few had degrees, a few had postgraduate degrees, a few had dropped out of school and others were in the workforce.

It was an incredible experience to have a course with such a diverse atmosphere. Afterwards, the trainer introduced us to the concept of python and the concepts involved with the subject and then moved to Business analytics. Additionally, they offered complementary modules on soft skills development and resume writing. An organized process was followed to track everything. Having completed this course fluently was a great accomplishment.

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