I am working as a software developer in an MNC company. Data Science skills are in high demand for making progress in my profession. I, therefore, joined the Python for Data Science course from Henry Harvin. The course while giving knowledge about Python programming also helps in mastering the steps involved in tackling the Data Science problem.

The course will give you deep insight into the skills and techniques used in Python for Data Science courses. It helps in practicing various tools used by Data scientists and becoming experienced in using them. The course proves to be highly beneficial in my professional journey and also gives me knowledge about the practical approaches to meet the challenges of the industry.

The course duration is 8-hours. And 50-hrs E-learning access is also provided. The course curriculum covers all the important concepts related to the Data Science field. There are 5 modules in the syllabus which give knowledge from the Python basics to working with data in Python and working with NumPy arrays.

The trainer provides comprehensive knowledge about the course. And makes us understand very well the methods, techniques, and skills of Data Science. The teaching given is not only limited to the course completion but also is useful for the job roles in the company and organization.

I specifically joined this course to learn about the techniques of Python and Data Science. And it turns out to be the right decision for me. As with knowledge about the domain, I am now able to apply the learned methods in my work efficiently. I want to thank the institute for providing valuable guidance.


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