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For days and days, I searched for a course on advanced social media marketing. Nevertheless, I needed to enhance my skills, so I studied each course’s curriculum. I searched online, but I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t imagine putting my money into a syllabus that was so disappointing.

When I found the Henry Harvin Advanced Social media marketing course, it was as if Someone had created it just for me. As I sat in CCD, I had access to everything I needed and more. Making the payment and registering for the course took about 10 minutes. Why would I wait if I knew this was what I wanted?

Upon attending my first class, I realized I would be able to learn everything I needed to know for my career. The instructors were very helpful and always available to help. Having it out and them contacting me was all I had to say. The course did not require us to wait for days to ask our questions or for a session, which, by the way, is not the norm in most courses. In this course, we did not have to wait for either.

Whenever I needed support, I received it. In addition, they offer internships and we can also work with Henry Harvin. The course was fun as well, and I am now an expert in digital marketing. 

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