While working as a laboratory technician there are many fields and departments that you can explore and try to fetch a job in, for example, if you are a medical technician you can work for Hospitals, Laboratories, Nursing homes, Diagnostic Centres, Molecular Biotech Companies, Medical Writing. The wide, diverse working area is what drew me towards this course and I took it. Henry Harvin Education and its Medical Laboratory Technician Course were very impressive, and I truly loved it. 

The course is delivered comfortably over a period of 12 months, and you graduate after passing an examination. It is challenging, but that is to be expected considering that you will be dealing with tech that is ultimately going to affect people’s lives.

The trainers have curated the course in the best way possible. They have more than 15 years of active experience and are employed as subject matter experts with Henry Harvin Education. The alumni base is strong with upwards of  3,00,000 graduated which calls for great networking and opportunity hunting. They also promise you a guaranteed internship, placement assistance and bootcamp sessions that are given to make sure that you retain everything that you learn. 

I really found the course to be very exciting, challenging and informative at the same time.Some of the career benefits include,  Job Opportunities Abroad for demanding specializations,  Promotions in current profile with most in-demand skills and many more.

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