I am in the last year of my graduation. My father owns a famous chain of restaurants in our city Indore. The food and ambience are loved by the people and over the years my father has built a strong customer base. And like all business families, I am expected to take over the reins of the business from my father. But running a business is hardly a smooth journey, there have been so many ups and downs. Now that my father is seriously thinking of retiring and handing over the control to me I want to be prepared for it. Going for a full-time MBA  was not my choice as I wanted a course that would require less commitment still provide me with the right business acumen to take control of our family business smoothly. 

 Then I searched for some courses and read a blog about MINI MBA Program from Henry Harvin. It felt like the course was specially made for me. I went through the course link and the same day I decided to go for it. The classes were held online and it was a 6-weeks course so I had no problems committing to it. Our batch had participants from different backgrounds and that made the sessions so interesting. The trainer first guided us through the basic principles of business studies and then after a few classes moved on to the more specialised field like marketing, technology and finance. The technological part appeared a little difficult but we had special doubt -clearing sessions too where all our doubts were addressed.

 I am so happy I did this MINI MBA course by Henry Harvin as it broadened my outlook. Now, apart from the traditional methods of running the business, I can introduce some new concepts and strategies to expand it and make it more appealing to the young generation. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a capsule course about business studies without investing too much time or money.

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