When I completed my 12th class, I attended the workshop on Data Science. Since it was quite difficult to understand this Concept but when I got deeper into it, I was so into it and found it very advantageous and I desire to become a successful data analyst. But it was a long journey. First, I needed to have a degree so I pursued engineering in computer science and engineering because data science and computer science are quite related and it will be easy for me in further studies.

Due to the Covid situation across the whole country, I need to opt for the Data Science course with R in online mode. After searching over the internet, I found the Data Science course with R by Henry Harvin very interesting and idealistic. So I applied for this course.

While pursuing this course I benefited a lot and gained a lot of essential traits like gained a substantial understanding of Business Analytics and learned about the various R packages. The trainers of this course were very encouraging and intelligent. Their teaching methodology was unique and interesting. They taught us about master R Programming and understand how various statements are executed in R. I got to get an in-depth understanding of Data Structure used in R and learn to import/export data in R.

I was so excited to understand and use the various graphics in R for data visualization and gain a basic understanding of various Statistical Concepts. It was a lot of fun while exploring this course. The certification by Henry Harvin is a key to have plenty of job opportunities and have a successful career in the field of Data Science. This is an outstanding course. I appreciate the Henry Harvin team for providing us with such a great course.


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