Being a trainer has always been my dream. After completing my studies I started looking for jobs as a trainer. But my CV always lacked my experience, I was confident enough either. One of my friends suggested enrolling in a training course that would help me to upgrade my CV as well as skills. So I enrolled for the Train the Trainer course at Henry Harvin. 

I was very sceptical about online learning but the institute’s members provided a friendly atmosphere for which soon I became comfortable. The online sessions provided us with the basic knowledge to advance to develop our skills as a trainer. I must thank our trainer who was very kind to us and provided us guidance every time we needed it. The interactive sessions helped us to grow confidence and opened a lot of thought doors inside us. I am grateful to Henry Harvin for providing such an amazing course. 

After completing the course I got an internship opportunity within the institution. It was a great opportunity for me as I got to train and examine myself under our brilliant trainers. This internship became an addon to my CV which opened a lot of job opportunities for me. At present, I am working in a reputed company as a trainer. I would highly recommend this course to all. Thank you, Henry Harvin. 

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