I am an athletic trainer and as a fitness trainer and coach, it is my responsibility to take care of my client’s health and fitness. It requires an immense understanding about what to do in situations like if the athlete pulls muscle,sprains an ankle or it can also be a cardiac arrest. It becomes worse when you have to wait for an ambulance to arrive. In order to be a good trainer and being professional, it is required to be trained in first aid CPR and AED administration. I found it mandatory to have proper training and certification in CPR and first aid. After searching for the best online training, I found the CPR and First Aid Course by Henry Harvin to be the best one. 

It was very impressive to gain  knowledge and experience from the trainers and quite a good portion of the course was spent in hands-on activities to help us boost our skills and memory for use with the first aid equipment, such as tanks and bag valves. The newest thinking and reasoning about CPR and the importance of both the speed and quality of teamwork with which it must be performed was also passed onto us throughout the day. 

The CPR & First Aid Course by Henry Harvin is an accredited First Aid Training Course that includes CPR training and use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). It will have a great use in my career of being an athletic trainer.I am confident that after this training I will be able to handle all the panic situations and problems that will arise.I am grateful to all the mentors and team for their efforts and benefits that I gained.

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