Immediately after completing Grade 12, I wished to work in the medical emergency department but not as a doctor. I had physics as well as biology so I wanted to use both skills. After contemplating for days and hunting for courses, I stumbled upon the Emergency Medical Technician Course provided by Henry Harvin Education. I was purely impressed by the courses and by the places and types of jobs that I could work. I did enroll, and that was the best decision I made.

I could take up the job of an Emergency Room Technician in Hospitals and Nursing homes, Medical Assistant in Private Clinics, Academics Trainer – college and universities, medical writing, or a Health Information Technician. This was mind-blowing for me as I never thought I could take up jobs under so many diverse titles. The course lasted for six months and I had to take an examination before certification. To be it was challenging, but they require it,  considering you will be dealing with someone’s life. The trainers at Henry Harvin Education are highly skilled and have experience of more than 15 years on the field.  They have been carefully recruited from numerous known and recognized institutions. They have delivered more than 500 lectures and are employed as subject matter experts with Henry Harvin Education. 

The best things that I got from Henry Harvin education are six months of live classes, updated study material, and the most valued certificate to work as a Certified Emergency Medical Technician.

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