After my graduation, as I was searching for jobs in any of the fields to improve my confidence and to face the corporate world but due to lack of experience and with no specific skill in any other sector I didn’t get any job, also many recruiters said that I need to improve my soft skills. After so many attempts of rejection, I talked to my brother about it and he referred me to join the HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION institute to learn a technical course named SAP ABAP course, which has a wide demand in every field.

I started attending its lectures after my enrollment in HENRY HARVIN and on the first day I learned how tackling the relationship manager is and I found the classroom fully equipped with the materials needed and the mentors who were the best industrial experience holder were amiable yet professionals who informed us about many topics included within the module and after the end of every class they used to tell to practice the usage of tools in SAP.

The case studies given to us as a task and for better understanding about the SAP  were very unique and apart from that, it needed you to be very practical. The 6-month internship which was offered by HENRY HARVIN  provided me with greater opportunities to understand SAP in a real way.  

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