I am a software engineer and after working as a Software developer for almost 5 years, I have learned a lot and my abilities are now furnished very perfectly. They say ” if you want to reach somewhere then you have to get out from the place where you are”. These sentences are so true and my situation is quite similar to it. I am quite bored with my daily schedule and job. I wanted to learn something productive. Once my senior suggested to me that having  SQL practitioner certification is very important and beneficial. I surfed the internet and came across The SQL developer course.

This course has many salient features and especially the mentors who have 10+ experience in the Industry with Global certification and have expertise in the topics and tools with expansive teaching experience. It is a 6 hours course of live sessions. 

At the end of it, I got certified as an SQL practitioner and have access to the learning management system.

Gaining knowledge of SQL and database organization and Certification will help you grab the opportunity to work with industry top brands. Having enrolled on this course was my best decision ever. I would thank Henry Harvin especially the mentors for guiding us and providing us with the deep learning methodology. I would suggest this course for enlightening your future.

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