Did you guys reach here searching for some career opportunities in English but not clear with the picture yet? If that’s the case then this post could be the one to rescue you. Hi friends, my name is James Miller. Even though I was in a dilemma till last year about how to proceed with English as a career choice.

Then after exploring a lot, I figured out a few of the courses that might help and TEFL being one amongst them that changed my life. If you have a passion to teach and fluent in speaking English then doing TEFL Certification Course is the best you can opt for. I personally did it at Henry Harvin Institute.

How I came across Henry Harvin? Since I wanted to go for some site that could offer me, online classes, I hunted for several options, then finally decided to opt for this institute.

Since I haven’t heard about this institute before, it was a mere new experience for me and which I would say was a positive one. I can say my money was well spent. 

The institute has fantastic experienced trainers to teach, with good content delivery skills. Even the content offered by the institute is up to the mark. The online sessions came out to be so lively that I felt a wonderful experience having interacted with a number of people.

I was even guided all through my placement channels. I was even trained about my role as a TEFL trainer and how I could pursue it once I start my job.

Yes, I can say that I got a platform from where I could start my journey with TEFL as my ace card.   And if you want me to rate it, I would better give a 4.8/5. So, if you ask my recommendations for it then I would say; YES, go for it!

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