The SAP BW Training certification course from Henry Harvin was the first course which I completed online. I never believed that online training could be so fruitful for me. I was literally very much astonished by the training provided here. One of the best things about the institute were the trainers here. They taught everything very efficiently and prepared us for real life experiences through their assignments and projects. I was looking for a good chance to enhance my resume and my skills technically for good job opportunities. And I think taking the SAP BW course from Henry Harvin has really worked well for me. It was absolutely worth all my investments in the course.

The classes were held online via live mode and it was 44 hours of training sessions which also included different projects, bootcamps, etc. Since it had a flexible training facility, we could complete the course at our own pace. The course had a diversified atmosphere with all sorts of students from different educational backgrounds. It was fun learning with them. The trainer first gave us the introduction about what SAP actually was and then continued with the topics from the curriculum.

Everything was followed in a systematized manner starting from the enrolling process to getting certified. It was of great help to me and I am sure that this course would benefit several others like me. Therefore, I would recommend this course. All in all, a very good experience.

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