I am a software engineer and when I was pursuing the engineering degree, We used to have webinars on data science. After attending those sessions I was clear that I want to explore this field because the introduction for data science was so interesting and sounds so beneficial. I was very much transparent about my decision. So, after graduating I looked at all the aspects that are related to data science and came across R programming for data science. As I am a software engineer, this course was somewhat related to my profession. I decided to go for the R Programming for Data Science. After surfing through the internet, I found this course offered by Henry Harvin and after reading the blog, I decided to apply for this course at Henry Harvin.

The R Programming for Data Science by Henry Harvin was the most interesting and helpful course. The course comprises 8 hours of online sessions with E-learning access. I discovered a lot and got to learn the topics like how to apply various  R Programming for Data Science skills and techniques and also how to practice with various tools used by data scientists and become experienced in using them.

Also, the mentors were great and knowledgeable. They had plenty of experience and were very friendly with students that made it easy for the learners to interact with them. The teaching methodology was unique, interesting and easy to grasp. Overall I loved the R Programming for Data Science by Henry Harvin.

I gained confidence and got to inculcate various strategies and enhanced my skills and abilities. I would recommend this course to those who want to enter the world of data science.

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