As I belonged from a totally different curriculum I never thought I would be able to learn to program. Learning programming is not easy when you are not subject to it for a long time. There was a myth that learning programming means you need to think like a programmer but when I joined the Institute of HENRY HARVIN all this myth vanished away.

 All thanks to my mentor who taught me that learning programming when especially you belong from a non-programming domain is not rocket science. You just need to have some interest in this field and pacing with everyday practice can also make you a good programmer. If you’re thinking about joining HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION for the PROGRAMMING FOR NON- PROGRAMMERS Course you need not think twice about your decision. In this institute, you will be provided with the best possible assistance to Carter for your career development.

You are going to experience a very friendly environment there with access to E-PORTALS, BOOTCAMPS and 12 months of membership to clear your doubts. It also offers a 100% placement guarantee and internship too with a duration of 1-6 months.

The certification of HENRY HARVIN also carries worth as it is recognisable with MSME, AMERICAN association of EFL and with the ministry of corporate affairs. It also garners your soft skills required in a corporate environment and a basic skill you will be required in any form of job in a corporate.


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