I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology the previous. I decided to start my career but I had no idea which course to choose and which way to go. One of my friends had completed her certification course in content writing from Henry Harvin and was very confident and satisfied with her training. She suggested that I go through their website and choose a course which I will be comfortable with. I went through all the courses they offered. One amongst them was the HR Social Compliance training. After reading the curriculum and features, I found it interesting.


As soon as I disclosed my interest in their course, the backing team from Henry Harvin institute communicated with me and guided me about the course objectives and it all seemed perfectly aligning to my interest. So, I did not waste much time and with the help of their support team I enrolled in the course. I enjoyed the course throughout and it was definitely a life changing experience for me. I got involved in so many assignments and projects related to social compliance laws and there were regular boot camps conducted over the period of 12 months.

The instructors used E-learning methodology for teaching which involved abundant tools, video lectures, practical assessments, etc. The best part was that the course had a flexible schedule so one can learn at his own pace, and if you miss a lecture then you are provided with recorded videos to compensate. Everything in this course worked well for me. Thanks!

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