Hi – I am Ashwin. I learnt about the Henry Harvin Copywriting Course from Facebook. I clicked on the link and filled in my details. The next day I received a call from Henry Harvin and they explained to me the course details. I wasn’t very sure but since I was interested in refreshing my journalism career, I joined it.

The Henry Harvin copywriting course lays a good foundation for commercial writing. It focuses on how to write a clear and concise sales or promotional reader-targeted copy. I understood how copywriters play an important part in planning advertising campaigns, the role of marketing in branding and how to create copies for different brands. I also enjoyed learning about SEO tools, writing newsletters and setting up blogs.

My trainer gave very clear feedback whenever I was expected to redo an assignment and assisted me with any problems I faced. She has always been quick to answer any questions I have asked both during and even after the course.

I would measure the success of this course by the progress I am making in my commercial copywriting prospects. After completing Henry Harvin’s copywriting course, I have taken on many client projects and have successfully generated press releases, website copy, advertising features and many other write ups.

Henry Harvin’s copywriting course made me come out of my comfort zone and think outside the box. I was initially apprehensive about joining this course but I can confidently say that the copywriting course has prepared me well for my future. It has helped me grow and expand my writing scope. I would for sure recommend Henry Harvin to everyone I know. On an ending note, I thank Henry Harvin and my trainer for all the knowledge I have gained from this course.

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